I love this life Culture Box

This culture box is a visualization of who I am now and what I have discovered about myself.

I am the one on the left. This is me and my beautiful girlfriend Cori. We have been together for six years. She has been with me through so much, including my deployment to Afghanistan. I have been open about my sexual orientation since I was in high school. When I first joined the Army, I did have to keep it a secret because of the "Don't ask. don't tell" policy. It was extremely frustrating keeping it a secret but I will never forget when it dropped in September 2011 that allowed me to be open again. Since then, I have had no issues whatsoever that effected my career. I love that we can be open and receive support just like everyone else. I will say since we have moved to Pennsylvania we get more looks than we should, that doesn't happen on the west coast.
Family picture of Cori, Tristan our son, and myself.
So my love for animals and the outdoors is pretty big! We have six cats, one dog, and two goats. We are maxed out on animals. Above on the left is a picture of me hiking with our goat Luca. Above on the right is our latest rescue Joey. Cori and I love to take care of our animals and love to take them on walks. You can see our small dog on the top picture. They really are incredible animals that we love to come home to everyday. Some say music really brings people together, we feel that way about animals and the outdoors. We also live tiny now to save money on traveling and seeing the world. We strive to get land soon to be able to live and grow off of the land.

Here is a random cat video for your enjoyment. I believe we need a nice brain break every now a then, these always do the trick! Sometime, I get so caught up in my work, I forget to take a break.

Introverts unite!

I am a proud Introvert.

Sometime I feel like people think I am not capable of being loud or aggressive but that is not the case. I am an observer and my mind goes a million times a minute. It takes me a second to get out what I need to but more in likely it would be very complex and sometimes hard for me to explain. I love it, actually, especially on tasks that really challenge me!

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