Elements and Principles of art

Elements: The tools to make art.

I did this one because it has a lot of the elements of art.

Line: It's a point moving in space.

In this picture it has road lines.

Shape: It is 2D and categorized as geometric or organic

In this picture there is 2D squares.

Value: The lightness or darkness of tones or colors in an object.

Its not drawn but you can see on the shape there is dark and light areas.

Color: Made up of 3 properties hue, value, and intensity

In this picture there is lots of color pencils.

Texture: It refers to the way things feel, or look like they feel

I choose this picture because the different type of paint strokes look like texture.

Form: Art that is 3D also my be free flowing

I chose this because it looks 3D and it has some movement.

Space: Art that creates a sense of depth of positive space and negative space.

I did this because it has the owl behind the to create space.

Principles: How to use the tools to make art.

I did this picture because it has most of the principles.

Movement: It's to guild the viewer's eyes throughout the art.

Because it looks like its moving and you look at it longer

Rhythm: It's made by repeating elements in art.

Its repeating the candle

Balance: When you add elements all around to make it feel stable.

The elements in this art makes it balanced.

Unity: Combine parts of work to make it belong together

I picked it because the bows go together. (and there was no other good one to pick for this one)

Emphasis: It's when one part stands out more to catch viewers attention.

I did this because the light stands out.

Contrast: A difference between the things place together in the art.

I did this because the strips have a contrast together. (plus I can't anything better)


Created with images by Gamma Man - "The One Bed and Breakfast Mural by Happy the Artist" • Dean Hochman - "lines" • andymag - "square" • fdecomite - "Fish-Trap" • ckmck - "Colores" • zaphad1 - "File0001qas12" • sonygirl10 - "Graffiti wall" • Karen Roe - "London Discovery Trail 2012" • cliff1066™ - "The Fence" • Paul L Dineen - "Christmas lights + shaken camera ... IMG_9117" • Denise Cross Photography - "Day 3/366.....Fire, Wood & Stone" • Pilottage - "July 7 2009 Extravaganza - Prediction = True" • Michel Curi - "Bow Bowl" • ell brown - "The Barber Institute of Fine Arts - lamps" • Rene Mensen - "Contrast"

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