Black Magic By Alexis mccarty // s.e schlosseR

There was a guy named Mad Henry and he lived alone in a mansion. The mansion was on the edge of town and everyone thought he was a magician, who would bring bad things onto his neighbors.

Nobody had anything to do with him and a new family soon moved in to town and Henry thought their daughter, Rachel was gorgeous. He showered her with gifts but she rejected him and went for another man in town. After a week of meeting, they got married and ran away. Soon they came back and threw a ball and invited everyone in town to it.

Henry was angry and burst into the doors of the ballroom. It smelled like death and scary. He was followed by figures of the dead the corpses captured the man that Rachel married. Henry grabbed him and slit his throat from ear to ear. Rachel fell on top of her once husband and pleaded to kill her, too. He grabbed her and walked out of the ballroom and the corpses followed.

Rachel's father followed in hopes to save Rachel, but once they got to Henry's mansion, it was completely empty, except for a light. A year after the same night of the ball, a knock on Rachel's parents home was made and Rachel was standing at the door with exhaustion and pain. Her tongue was cut and she was unable to speak, but she pulled out a knife that was once seen in Henry's hands and her face was able to tell that it was the blood of Henry on the knife. She died in her sleep that same night with a smile upon her face.


Created with images by jared - "Metatron's Cube" • doodles_academy - "house haunted haunted house" • AnnemarieBon - "chandelier royal palace compiègne"

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