SHS hosts the annual homecoming parade and the new carnival on Friday Sep. 13. The football game and dance took place Saturday Sep. 14.

Lionel Hills rides his bike during the homecoming parade on Sep. 13. Hills rides his bike in a parking lot during rush hour traffic to bring smiles to people on the southside. Photo by Kelsey Jones
Sophomore Ellie Brown sings Christmas carols during the SHS homecoming parade. The sophomore class came in first place for float decorations. Photo by Kelsey Jones
"It's so cool seeing everyone from the community come to watch us because we're usually so caught up in only the high school but there's so many more people than just the kids at our school so it made me really happy to see so many people cheering for us," Brown said.
Junior Timothy Davis smiles while riding in the soccer float. Davis is the girls’ soccer team manager. Photo by Kelsey Jones
"I loved the feeling of my school spirit being able to make others laugh and smile," Davis said. "Throwing out candy to all those kids and waving at all those people made my day."
Lead CBS4 anchor Frank Mickens receives a plaque in commemoration of being grand marshal. Photo by Kelsey Jones
Senior Brynna Reynolds runs the ball during the annual SHS homecoming powderpuff football game. Reynolds played for the juniors because they did not have enough players. Photo by David Masengale
"This is the first year I was able to play powderpuff and it was everything I was hoping for," Reynolds said. "I'm really grateful the juniors let me play with them."
Freshman Cecilia Mitchell runs into junior Maria Martinez while running the ball. Mitchell was able to gain a few yards in the play. Photo by David Masengale
Freshman Kadye McMullen dodges a junior player in the championship game. The freshmen lost because of a last second catch by senior Brynna Reynolds. Photo by David Masengale
Juniors Gracie Cherry (left), Mariah Murrilo (middle) and Senior Kate West (right) celebrate after winning the powderpuff game against the sophomores. The juniors go on to play the freshmen for the championship game. With seconds left on the clock juniors score the winning touchdown. Photo by Kelsey Jones
"It felt great to beat the freshmen and win overall," Murrilo said. "Usually the seniors always win but not this year but it was from all of us girls working together and for the few seniors that joined in to give us the win."
Senior Carson Meaders hooks on the cardinal after the football team scored a touchdown. The cardinal “flies” every time the football team scores a touchdown. Photo by Kelsey Jones
"I mean (letting the cardinal fly) at first is nerve racking but after awhile it's fun to just let (it) fly," Meaders said. "It's fun to hear the parents cheer because it's a tradition to let it fly after every touchdown."
Senior Sarah Rusaw leads the mellophone section of the SHS Marching Cards in the school fight song at the beginning of the game. Rusaw has been playing the mellophone in marching band for four years. Photo by David Masengale
"I didn't really have the confidence that I could lead a section because it had been just me and Nicole for three years" Rusaw said. "But as the season has gone on, it has gotten a lot easier to help them and it's gotten more fun because we're like a small family who can have fun together but also get things done when needed."
Senior Jerimiah Craig plays the xylophone during the marching band performance. Photo by Kelsey Jones
Junior Anna Copeland spins her flags during the second movement of the marching band performance. Photo by Kelsey Jones
Sophomores Hope Reynolds and Eli Beck laugh at their friends in the student section during half time. Reynolds and Beck represented the sophomore class homecoming prince and princess. Photo by Kelsey Jones
"I was super nervous but also very excited," Reynolds said. "Being with Eli made me feel a lot less nervous because we've been friends for so long and we had so much fun together."
Former homecoming queen Yazmin McClellan (right) and Senior Madi Corpuz (left) laugh after McClellan crowns Corpuz. Photo by Kelsey Jones
"My first reaction was I was really surprised," Corpuz said. "It made me feel really happy and excited."
Seniors Madi Corpuz and Brayon Hogan stand crowned as homecoming king and queen with the rest of the homecoming court. Corpuz and Hogan also stand with former homecoming queen and king, Yazmin McClellan and Eddie Schott. Photo by Kelsey Jones
"I felt a little embarrassed for being the shortest but I saved myself by giving the crowed a good laugh," junior Lai Thang said. "I was glad to be able to have that chance of being in homecoming court and share the moment."
The SHS Cardinals storm the field at the start of the homecoming game against the Gibson Southern Titans. The Cardinals won the game 43-35. Photo by David Masengale
The captains of both teams meet in the center of the field to receive the game ball and perform the coin flip assisted by sergeant Mychal O. Mitchell and sergeant Tyler Campbell. The Cardinals won the coin toss and chose to receive the ball. Photo by David Masengale
Senior Brevin Jefferson catches the ball and looks at his opponent to avoid him. Photo by Kelsey Jones
"I really just didn't want to go in and mess up because it was my first game," Jefferson said. "But after I caught my first pass the game just became fun."
Senior Ryan Lezon tries avoiding the opponents from the Gibson Southern Titans. Photo by Kelsey Jones
Senior Colbi Cocherell kicks the ball for a field goal attempt. Cocherell completed the kick and scored the first points of the game. Photo by David Masengale
"(Scoring the first point) boosted my confidence, that the coaches believed in me and I think it got the team going for the rest of the game," Cocherell said.
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