Music Midtown My Journey to Discovering the Passion of Fellow Music Lovers

"Music is music. I don't care if it's country, rap, EDM, rock. A good tune with passionate lyrics means something to somebody" - Emily, 21, from Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Music Midtown, located in Atlanta, Georgia in Piedmont Park, has over 130,000 attendants yearly gathered together in the pursuit of music. This years' big headliners included a wide range of music with artists like Bruno Mars, Future, Wiz Khalifa, Weezer, Blink 182 and Mumford & Sons.

While attending this festival with some friends, I sought out to discover the appeal of music festivals for fellow music lovers like myself. As music is constantly progressing among millennials with genres like rap and EDM, I asked others, what is your genre preference? And is this preference an important deciding factor to which music festivals you attend?

Molly from Louisville, Nebraska loves EDM music, but music is simply her passion. She is 23 and has attended more than 12 music festivals all across the country. Molly is 4 months pregnant and describes how she dances around with her purple alien named Gibbs as a reminder of the little alien growing inside of her. Molly says she's happy to immerse her child in the beauty of music before it's even born.

Megan, 21, from Charlotte, North Carolina, records one of her favorite pop duos, Oh Wonder, as they play a slow piano medley called "All We Do." She describes the chills on her arms as her hair begins to stand up. "I think music has the capability to produce emotion in some people. And I also think those people are really lucky. Music is such a beautiful thing and to have it touch you in a special way is a gift."

Devin (left) and Cody (right), both 22 from Knoxville, Tennessee, have been counting down the days till arriving to Atlanta to witness "the glorifying vocals and dance moves of the vivacious Bruno Mars." While they came mainly for Bruno, they describe themselves as "fest heads". When asked for a definition, Cody simply states, "A fest head is someone who lives for this sh**!"

Rachel (pictured bottom left) drove 6 hours to Atlanta from Memphis, Tennessee in pursuit of Weezer and Blink 182. While she came to this festival in particular for it's rock bands, she states, "If I were the richest person in the world, I would attend all the music festivals I could no matter the lineup."

After speaking with only a few people, I quickly realized those with a passion for music could really care less about what type of music they are listening to. Instead, they desire a song with personal meaning, a song that makes them want to dance and unifies them with other music lovers.

After this revelation, I began to seek firsthand experiences in which music and the creative magnitude of festivals unified people among the masses.

Megan (right) runs into her long, lost hair stylist from her hometown in Charlotte, North Carolina. After seeing a new stylist temporarily while she attends school in Knoxville, she describes how happy her heart is to find such a dear friend in such a big place.

Kimberly (left) and Barbara (right) from Atlanta, Georgia lay in a field listening to Zara Larsson from a distance perform. The two are best friends and have been since the age of 4. This marks their 3rd music festival in attendance with each other.

Zara Larsson (pictured on the screen) takes a moment during her concert to express how much she adores her fans. Larsson describes how she threw up just minutes before her performance, but never stopped for a beat after hearing the screams of admiration from her fans.

Joshua, age 10, struggles to find his dad in a crowd before the performance of Russ. People quickly begin to lift him on their shoulders to reunite the two. A chant of Joshua's dad's name begins and within 2 minutes the boy is returned with his father.

"You just can't look silly at a music festival and that's why I love them. No matter how loud you sing or how hard you dance, someone will always join you. So DANCE." -Savanna, 21, from Johnson City, Tennessee

As for Raechell from Atlanta (pictured far right), "I just came for the King Pops."

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