Edwards Syndrome Trisomy 18


Edwards syndrome is a genetic disorder caused by the presence of all,or part of a third copy of chromosome 18.

What does it do to the body?

If they have this disorder, before they are born they have slow growth rate and when they are born they have low birth weight.They can also die before being born.They can have heart defects and many other conditions.

It normally affects the braIn,heart,craniofacial structures,Kidneys and stOmach.

How does the body get this disease?

The child will be born with an extra copy of chromosome number 18.This will happen in human reproductive cells, ovum cells in women and sperm cells in men each have twenty-three individual chromosomes.The extra material from chromosome eighteen, obtained after the egg is fertilized, is responsible for causing Edward's syndrome.


  • Abnormally small head
  • Birth defects suck as intentional organs out of body
  • Short stature
  • Drooping of upper eyelid or wide spaced eyes
  • Clenched hands

There is no actuall treatment for EdwArds syndrome.Most dont survive before birth and if survive they have intellectual disabilities.

It normally affects babies when they aRe growing in the stomach because an extra CHROMOSOME is tehre.

There are many options for testing but it depends on the mother.They can do ultrasounds but there are tests that will help them find things out faster and actually get results that are real.

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