Epic Hero Archetype Presentation Michelle garcia

Intelligence- Odysseus showed intelligence when the Cyclops, Polyphemus, asked his name he told his nobody. So when Polyphemus was being attacked, he yelled "I am being attacked by nobody" or "Nobody is hurting me". (Book 9). Odysseus also showed intelligence when he came up with the idea of creating a giant wooden horse to sneak into Troy.
Intelligence (Modern Day Epic Hero)- After putting together the pieces Selene realized her adopted father had been lying to her and that he killed her family. So then she stuck to her original goal of getting revenge on the killer of her family, and killed Viktor (her adopted father)

Resiliency- Odysseus showed resiliency when after having to be sent all the way back where he started, after his crew mates the "bag of wind", Odysseus still tried to get back home.

Resiliency (Modern Day Hero): After being attacked by a group of Lycans (ware wolfs) and going unconscious, Selene was able to form an alliance with a nice Lycan. They then work together to find out her families killer.

Bravery- Odysseus showed bravery when facing the Cyclops, Polyphemus. He also showed bravery when he traveled to the underworld and overcame the temptation of the Sirens.
Bravery (Modern Day Hero)- Selene showed bravery when after her family was killed right before her very eyes at the age of 17, she didn't go into hiding but decided to get revenge on the killer of her family. So she became a Vampire death dealer,

Conclusion (So what?)

They are more different than alike. Epic heroes do not affect my life in anyway because they are none exist. Modern day epic heroes would be consider Gods if they existed in Odysseus time period because of how advanced technology Is.

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