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"Students Stage Sit down Demand"

backround information

What led to the cause of Sit-Ins?

The Cvil Rights Movement played a role in the Sit Ins. The cause of Sit-Ins was create for a purpose and that purpose was to end segregation in Public Accommodation . In diners and restrooms, there was always a station for different types of usage, One for the whites and One for the people of Color. Sit-Ins was to protest to end that public segregation.

When and Where did Sit-Ins occur?

Sit Ins occurred during the 1960's from the range of February towards July. There were many locations on where Sit-Ins occur, but there are also man famous Sit-In locations such as Greensboro Diners and Nashville Diners.

Purpose of the Sit Ins:

What was Sit-Ins attempting to accomplish?

The goal and purpose of Sit-Ins was to protest against segregation in public accommodation. The event wanted to spread equality between the people of color and whites.

Who were Involved in the Sit-Ins?

What types of people were involved?

Mainly African Americans looking for a path towards Equality, but mainly students from the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee would participate in the event.

What were some obstacles does the participants participating in the sit-ins have to deal with?

Many students who participated in the event were being tortured, such as being thrown down and beaten, being poured sauces and drinks like milkshakes and ketchup.

How did they overcome the obstacles?

African Americans kept their mentality towards their goal and the purpose of this event and that is to end segregation. They’re willing to take on any challenges and torture that appears in front of them. They also know the consequences that would take place if they took action and defense for themselves.

How did this event impact today / What are the lasting effects?

The Sit-ins impacts us today because it ended segregation in public accommodations and also created equality among the races / people of color.

What modern day inequality or event can you connect your Civil Rights Event to?

We can relate the Sit-In protest towards todays event such as the Black Lives Matter Movement in 2016. Many police brutality incidents have been recorded and that led towards this protest group as the similar structure as it was for the sit-ins


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