World History Through Gaming JMS Summer School 2017

Ever dreamed of ruling the world? This summer, you can! Become the leader of your own civilization as you play the computer game Civilizations V! As you play, you will build cities and roads, expand your borders, develop technologies, and fight wars. The game follows the true course of human history, so you’ll learn tons of real historical facts, but now YOU will be a part of the story! Make the wrong decisions, and your civilization could crumble, but be a great leader – and you could rule the world!

Through playing the game students will…

  • Learn about world history through the content built into the game itself.
  • Learn to think strategically, especially in making decisions that shape the development of their chosen civilization.
  • Utilize the “Civilopedia” to dig deeper and research what interests them.

"[What I like best is] that you get to grow cities and learn a lot about History"

"[What I like best is] exploring and learning about the hardships of being a ruler."

"[What I like best is that] I get to feel what it is like leading an actual civilization."

"[What I like best is that] you can progress from the very beginning and use strategy to defeat opponents."

"[What I like best is] how it tries to simulate ruling a civilization."

"[What I like best is that] you are in charge of the cities and get to make all of the decisions."

"[What I like best is that] you can research and technology and make better units."

"[What I like best is that] you are in charge of the things that happen."

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