Text and Driving Zachary Mcendarfer

Texting and driving is not just dangerous It's deadly the biggest enemy on the road is you. Texting can cause people in your car to pull the wheel which could cause more damage. Think about the children in the car your about to ran off the road who do know what's happening. Texting and driving can be the biggest mistake in your life hope that text was worth it.

Is it really worth it?

A Place you can go to find more education is http://www.mysanantonio.com/lifestyle/health-family/article/To-stop-texting-and-driving-start-with-education-5200900.php. The more you learn about texting and driving is this website.People don't think of others when texting and driving.

On texting and driving I think people who do this you are stupid to do this this text can't wait 5 to 10 mins then texting and driving is one of the least problems.People think they are good driver that they are not going to crash and possibly kill your self and the other person. I think if yo text and drive you shouldn't have a drivers license.But before you pick up that phone think about the three your old you could kill

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