Life Expectancy WWII BY Haley, Drew, & Royce

Life Expectancy Before, During, and After WII

Year: X-Axis; Age: Y-Axis

Surprisingly, life-expectancy went up during WWII, which was opposite from what we thought happened.

X-Axis: Year Y-Axis: Deaths (per 100, 1000)

Due to the horrors of war, many people chose suicide to escape the memories of war, or were depressed due to a loss of a family member or any other reason. During WWII, suicide rates were at the highest they have ever been.

X-Axis: Year Y-Axis: Deaths per 100,000

With the close quarters of military bases, viruses and disease spread like wildfire and wiped out many people in the process, so diseases and virus death went up.


Created with images by Archives New Zealand - "Peter McIntyre, Air raid at Monte Cassino, February 1944"

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