TFS Connection Volume VII

Merry Christmas to those connected to the TFS family. 20/20 has been the year of clear vision. In the midst of the struggle we been given the gift of focus. We have learned the value of teamwork, the importance of communication, and our ability to overcome obstacles with grace and flexibility. Most importantly, we have learned the precious freedom to self-govern is imperative to any quality of life. We hope you enjoy some shared moments to close this unforgettable year.

Some members of the TFS Team

(Hailey with Wes, Shelly, Chandy, Michele, Basiru, Kim, Joyce, Ami, Brad, and Brittany)

a great group of guys

(Frankie, Jeff and Donald)

recipe for happiness: Hugs and love

(Ami and Beth)

Making each moment count

(Marla and Sharonda)

More TFS Team Members

(Cassi, Sonette, Basiru, Chandy, Brad and Joyce)

TFS is a proud accredited member agency of the Teaching-Family Association. In October of this year the annual conference was changed to a virtual one. This allowed us to host at the office and invite more people to participate.

Connect, Contribute, Create

In lieu of our annual Fall Party and Haunted House, we hosted a TFS Trunk-o-Treat. As usual, this team didn't disappoint!

TFS Trunk-o-Treat ~ October 31, 2020

Due to venue capacity limitations we were unable to host our annual Christmas party. This obstacle disguised as opportunity allowed us to come up with a fun alternative. Santa is the party favorite and he was willing to interrupt his busy schedule to host a drive-thru meet and greet at the TFS office. He brought so much joy, and gifts! Santa tells his friends there is one day a year where he gets to experience rock-star status and that is the day he visits with his friends at TFS. May God bless and richly reward you, Santa.

TFS Secret: Our friend in the red suit is the one and only, John Gray

The TFS Kennedy Clinic is here for the primary care needs of adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Spread the word!

20/20 hindsight: May we never take for granted the power and healing benefits of... a smile, holding hands, hugs, time with loved ones, mourning together, celebrating together, breaking bread together, worshipping together and so much more.

"Fear doesn't prevent death but it certainly prevents life." ~ Darren Hardy

O come, o come, Emmanuel

And ransom captive, Israel

That mourns in lonely exile here

Until the Son of God appear

Rejoice! rejoice! Emmanuel shall come to thee, o Israel

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

The Christmas/Bethlehem Star ~ December 21, 2020

Ami Gauldin- Family Teacher/Staffing Coordinator, Andrew Howard- QIDP/TFM Consultant, Basiru Konta- Family Teacher/Staffing Coordinator, Brad Bellew- Maintenance, Brittany Johnson- Director of Programs, Cassi Carpenter- Assistant Office Manager, Chandra Michon- TFM Consultant, Daniel Bellew- Maintenance, Daniel McLaughlin- Maintenance, Elaine Palmer- RN Trainer, Hailey Hall- Human Resources Assistant, Holly Puckett- Hub Nurse, Jackie Scarlett- Service Coordinator, Jessica Brown- Hub Nurse, Joyce Gilton- Family Teacher/Staffing Coordinator, Julia Hall- Auditor, Kimberly Snipes- IMC/QA Director, Lexi McLaughlin- Medical Coordinator, Lindsey Wisniewski- Hub Nurse, Lori Mills- Auditor, Michele Callahan- Office Manager, Naomi Suddarth- Human Resources Director, Ralph Kennedy- CEO, Rita Tate- QA Auditor, Sarah Harrison- ADON, Shelly Hall- Executive Director, Sonya Burnett- Staffing Coordinator, Tracy Kennedy- Admin. Assistant, Tracy Parker-Oyinlola- Family Teacher/Staffing Coordinator, Quintin Perkins- TFM Consultant, Whitney Lester- DON


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