Within just 6 months on Tiktok, The SWAGmodovars have captured an audience of over 1.2 Million and it continues to grow. Now, this amazing family has struck a major deal with the Triller Platform.

This hybrid Reality / Comedy Show is sure to keep you on your toes with its unique format that brings family values and fun in a very unique way.

Airing Wednesdays

2:30 pm pst / 5:30 pm est

exclusively in Triller TV

The Dad


A loving father & husband that is dedicated to his family and career. GMan is a radio personality full of fun and engaging content. As a father, he is very dedicated to his kids, loves to have fun and make them laugh. As a husband he’s committed to his wife and looks forward to spending time with her. He believes his wife was either a comedian or an investigator in her past life...

The Mom

Lady G

A caring mother who’s a cosmetology instructor with a passion for teaching. She loves her family and her children are her world! She enjoys making the most delicious home-cooked meals & just loves when her husband plays with her hair. She thinks she knows it all...but honestly, she’s usually always right!

The Daughter


A devoted daughter who thrives off of making people laugh, being goofy and not to mention “extra”. She studies in Los Angeles for her Acting degree. She loves to do mixed martial arts and to dance...everywhere. This girl has a flare to her and swears she knows it all too, but she doesn’t...

The Son


A nurturing son, who is just about to graduate middle school and is making his way to high school. He loves to hit the gym, get those gains in, then going home to sit in front of the TV and play PS5. He’s full of spirit and laughter, but we cannot leave out those mood swings. The hormones as a teenager can sometimes show his sensitive side and get the best of him.



Created By
Jorge Almodovar


Created with images by travelsourced - "tiktok social media app" • germany_photography - "youtube youtube inc youtube logo"