Mexico Brayden Monares

As you might know the capital of Mexico is Mexico City. Located in the middle of Mexico
Longest River in this Country: The longest river in Mexico is Rio Grande it is measured to be 1,885 miles long!!
You all might wonder what is the tallest mountain in Mexico and that is Pico de Orizaba. It stands at a whopping 18,491 feet tall!
There are tens of these but I only picked three 1).Sierra Madre Occidental 2)Sierra Madre del Sur 3)
The current population and what is still rising is 129,621,769 people.
The biggest lake in Mexico is Lake Chapala It covers 425 square miles.
Active Volcanos, The most active volcanoes of the country are Popocatepetl, Colima and El Chichon, which had a major eruption in 1982 that cooled the world's climate in the following year.

19.4326° N, 99.1332° W
Mexico is a very diverse land that consists of deserts, mountains, beaches, volcanoes and forests. The climate also varies but is usually humid on the coasts and cooler in the central region. Mexico’s climate makes it a suitable place to grow crops such as sugar cane, bananas, coffee and corn.
The Climate in Mexico varies according to its topography. Along the coast on both sides of the country it is hot and humid, unbearably so in the summer.
In Mexico there have been Floods, Droughts, and even blizzards in some parts of Mexico.
The ave age in Mexico is 25.8 years of age


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