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I photograph Sylvanians, and all nice, small things because it makes me happy and satisfied. I wanted to share them with other people, in the hope of sharing this feeling with my photos.

Here's a Sylvanian rabbit looking stylish in his new handmade travelling cloak! (With a squirrel trailing behind!)

The Silk Cat Family📀💿

The Three Wizards!

The Three Female Silk Cats

Oddette and Otto

Silk Cat Twin Power!

Lots of the outfits in these pictures are handmade by myself, in order to make my sylvanians look unique, and give them my mark. Look at Odette for example!

She really gives the feel for diversity!
The third trio of Woodland Animal friends in my collection!
Odette's Victorious brother; Otto.
🐭The Duo of the Two Princess Mice🐭

I used various different filters, lighting and backgrounds to get an understanding of the atmosphere of the picture, and personality of the animal.

Here is the majestic rabbit - father and husband - admiring his new colourful jumper!



Rabbit Robert and Dormouse Otto are the best of buddies, and these are only two of the atmospheric shots they posed for!

Silk cat magic!

Now, the majority of the time, my little friends cooperate and let me photograph them - no bribery involved - but sometimes they aren't as keen on the camera.

Recently Odette has had some expensive clothes hand-tailored for her, and she has gone photo crazy!

Of course her hat and cape remain; nothing could ever replace those!

This is her new classic outfit.
At one point when she was trying on a new hat with her old dress, she looked at me very suspiciously when I held up the camera!
At the end of the day she was exhausted, and turned in for the night with her new pyjamas and blanket!
This is how I found her a bit later on in the evening, as cosy and stylish as ever!
I dug out this old photo of Odette earlier on!
Recent Odette!

The dormouse family sat down to wait for their Christmas dinner earlier on; I managed to get a couple of shots of them!

Odette tucking into breakfast.
Here's Odette and her Daddy having a cuddle (things were getting a bit intense in the kitchen when dinner was cooking!)!
Reading as usual!

Septimus has been staying around a lot of people's houses recently, and has been claiming that he owns the houses he's been to!

I took Odette outside for a photo shoot the other day...


A photo of the dormice's kitchen.


I bought a new mouse to add to my collection the other day - her name is Feather!



Ernie having a brilliant time exploring and adventuring!
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