Social Media Control Kori

I work for fifteen minutes

pulling the pictures I think are the most telling about NEED.

It takes some editing to make sure the photograph are positioned

so that people can recognize the image while understanding that it came from the website.

I'm scared of typing the wrong thing

Scared people will ignore me.

Scared they won't

As much as I blamed NEED for Amanda's death and any other disasters it has caused,

I blame us.

Finally, I post the photo of the bloodstained snow.

Red streaked on white.

Bits of fur.

Pieces of flesh that belonged to pets someone loved.

I hit post.

For better or worse

I have broken the Terms and Conditions NEED threaten me.

Waiting to see what people say would be torture,

so I click back on the NEED shortcut and start looking for other things that I should document.

Some people will ignore or attack what I've done,

but others will be less selfish.

Even if it's only one or two,

I can ask them to talk to Officer Shepens with me.


Words borrowed by the book NEED by Joelle Charbonneau pages 216-218 Created with images by kropekk_pl - "keyboard buttons messenger" • Meditations - "aperture attractive beautiful" • elianemey - "skull cemetery genoa" • DavidHBolton - "Blood stains from feet" • Pexels - "camera hand iphone" • JLaw45 - "Hanover(NH) Police Honda Ridgeline"

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