fur harvesting by Kaden

Fur harvesting or trapping as be around a long time, early 1530's the fur industry was booming with consent demand for fur. Because of the descoferre of the new world there was more supply of furbearer animals to fill that demand. Fur was a big fashion trend then and also showed power of the people how worn it, because fur was not a cheap material to option. But now that they had such a large supple of furs the prices went down and so a little more people were able to purchase fur prudent. The fur trade was also a big jump starter with the immigration to the world as a large amount of people got into trapping for a profit.

But out of all the things trapping can offer my favorite would have to being able to make things. Yes, I know what you are thinking "Why?" and well I just love making stuff and the ability to make some thing your self, too me is just the coolest. The biggest thing is it not the make it really but doing it like how the pioneers did it to make your own cloths from a deer hind or a winter hat from a raccoon. It makes you fill like you were in the old days where you had to provide for your self, you get this powerful feeling of survival, you against all odds.

One of the biggest misconception that trapping receives, is that it is wrong. I mean I am a animal lover all the way with 3 horses,5 dogs, 2 rats, 20 chickens, and a lizard but, because I love animals, but that does not been i am going to let them eat my grain or kill my chickens. But there is more to it though trapping helps with predator control, so that other animals become scarcer. Trapping helps in the balancing act of nature, leveling the scale so as to renew the ecosoustbe. the eaviromint can not handle excessive amounts of housing animals, other wise everything go's over the egad and ends badly.



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