Civil Rights Movement by: Angelica Sanchez

Jim Crow Laws

The "Jim Crow Laws" were laws that segregated states. The laws kept white people from black. Black people weren't allowed to do many things white people could such as, use the same bathroom, eat at the same table, drink from the same bar at the same time, drink form the same fountain, be treated medically by a white person, and many more. The name "Jim Crow" originated from a show that shamed black people.

Little Rock Nine

The Little Rock Nine were a group of nine African American students enrolled in Little Rock Central High School in 1957. Their enrollment was followed by the Little Rock Crisis, in which the students were initially prevented from entering the racially segregated school by the Governor of Arkansas. They then attended after theĀ approval of President Dwight D. Eisenhower. In results of desegregation, only eight students successfully finished high school and one of the students earned a Ph.D and worked as the ''Secretary of Labor'' for president Jimmy Carter.

One I think is very important

"1955 - Rosa Parks is arrested for not giving up her seat on the bus. This sparks the Montgomery Bus Boycott which lasts for over a year. Eventually, segregation on the buses in Montgomery comes to an end." I think this is very important because it is very unfair for a woman to be arrested for her race and sitting on the bus and not giving her seat to someone else of different race



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