Gorillas by angel and hailey



Gorillas are amazing animals. They don't have tails. They have a lot of hair and fur. They weigh up to 440 pounds. They eat bamboo. Gorillas are black, brown, and red. They are strong.


Gorillas live in the Rainforest.

Gorillas are endangered. This means there are not a lot left on earth. Gorillas live in Africa. Gorillas are in the zoo, too. Gorillas are safe in the woods. They live in thick rainy forests.


These are things that gorillas eat.

Gorillas eat leaves, bark, fruit, and vines. They are herbivores. Since a gorilla is an herbivore they eat plants. They also eat some bugs. Termites are little bugs that they eat.

Interesting Facts

This gorilla is laying down and smiling.

They hibernate in trees. Gorillas have babies that are born alive. Mother gorillas carry baby gorillas on their backs. People, like scientists, work with and study gorillas.


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