Will We Make It? By: Riley Woykin

Crash! Goes their car into another, there they are just sitting inside the car in dead silence with no one talking or making a sound. The first thing that comes to mind of Nathan "are we going to be late".

"We are very lucky that we are all ok and that a taxi is coming to get us, we will be very tight on making that plane" said coach.

"I hope we make it" says Nathan.

The taxi guy had shown up and they were all on their way to the when coach got a call asking where they are because their plane was going to be leaving. They are almost at the airport just praying that they are not going to be late. The plane has left now their whole team is on their way to play nations in Toronto without them. This is terrible because there is no way in hell that they win without their 3 best players. They made it without knowing that their whole team has left without them, Tyrone spots out a plane but none of them believe that’s their plane "hopefully" says Adam.

"I have some bad news" sadly said coach.

"What" highly said by Tyrone.

"We won't get on a plane for 2 days" said in a low tone by coach.

The team was devastated that their three best players will not be able to play with them unless they make it to the final. The first day has past and there Kelowna Jr Rockets have won their first game without them.

"Today's the day" said with excitement by coach.

"Yes thank god we are going to be able to make it to Toronto in time for the final" said Adam.

"This is going to be one of the craziest come backs if we make it in time" says Nathan.

They are there at the airport again hoping they will make it on to this plane without any problems. The team has won again but they won't be there for the next game because they have to stop and stay overnight, the team is in the quarter final tomorrow and their team needs to win two more games for the to make it in to the final. Todays the day for the Kelowna Jr Rockets to show what they are mad of. As the team is arriving to the rink they are just arriving to the airport. They make it to the boarding gate but there is a problem there is a huge snow storm in Toronto area that is heading for Winnipeg where they are right now.

hat is heading for Winnipeg where they are right now.

"The game has been delayed to tomorrow so if we win we will be able to make it to play in the final" said coach.

"That would be awesome" says Nathan.

"I agree with that we better make it to the final to help out our team" said happily by Adam.

"What sorry I zoned out what were you guys talking about" stuttered Tyrone.

"We said the game got delayed to today so if we win we'll be able to play in the national championship tomorrow" angrily said by Nathan.

"Oh ya I agree with you guys hundred percent" weirdly said by Tyrone.

" You are one of the best hockey players I know but you are also one of the dumbest"

Giggles Adam.

"You guys treat each other nice or you guys will not play" says coach.

This is great we are on our way to Toronto just about to take off there is nothing that could go wrong now. Skirt goes the wheels with everyone's heads just flying forward.

" This is the captain speaking and I have to bad news so please don't kill me, the plane has stopped working so we will be stuck here for a few more hours".

"You suck" said some guy.

"Yah you do" says hyped up coach.

"Yah what are we complaining about" said Tyrone.

"I am sorry but you are the dumbest person that I know" says Adam.

They are finally leaving and it is 9 o'clock at night and they have to get ready for the semi-final tomorrow. If the Semi-final would go well for them they will end up playing one of the best teams in America.

"This captain speaking and we will be landing in amazing Toronto in about 5 minutes".

"Finally we are going to be able to lay in the tournament" says Nathan.

The semi-final has begun and goals are going back and forth like there is no tomorrow, all three of them scoring left and right. The game is tied 6-6 going into overtime, no one has scored yet, it is in quad overtime.

Here Nathan goes down ice side by side with Tyrone going back and forth, Nathan over to Tyrone and he puts it top-shelf.

"Yah boys" said Tyrone.

They are doing great so far, they all have to get rested for the next game tomorrow and the team is so hyped. The game is today and they are all getting on the bus to go to the rink. You can just walk in to the dressing room seeing all them just focusing on the game all tapping their sticks. Here the game goes off to a good start with Adam and another teammate each scoring a goal.

Here goes the final seconds counting down off the score board with the lead of 6-5. The final 3, 2, 1 they win the championship.

They are all on the plane all dead tired with exactment. Coach was very please what the team had done when their three best players, Kelowna as a whole city is very happy with what they have done for them.

This team was a great team showed a lot of heart for when their best players were gone, so some stepped up and took charge to make their team make it to where they today in all everyone is happy and that is the main thing.







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