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I am simply a man who is a product of his environment. I am entirely curious, just like the my pet cat that I grew up with. I am always searching for knowledge, just like my dad who never once faltered in his belief on the simple saying that knowledge is power! I am hands on like my mother who loved to stay busy with tasks from the moment she woke up until she fell asleep. I am creative like the main character of my favorite TV show that i watched almost religiously while growing up; Rugrats. I am me!

To Find Success

My interdisciplinary focus is to search for and to find success. It's not so much about the end goal however. I was to fully bathe myself in the journey to finding the success that i'm looking for. I was to explore and discover any hidden talents as well as to see how i can be of service to this great big universe. I would love to find how I can somehow give back by exploring my interdisplinary talents.

The Main point or theme to my portfolio would be to document my journey. I would love to see where my mind was at when i began this journey versus where it ended up at towards the end. This portfolio would give me a clear picture of my hopes, dreams, and goals. It would very likely be the best determinant of my success and/or failures.

Navigating my portfolio will be a cakewalk. I will base it entirely chronologically. Whether i use different programs or media sources, i will link it all up together to tell a story. This does not need to be a very complicated process and should focus more on what's important.

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Ahmed Al-Sayeed


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