1868 restaurant review

this was the second kitchen
our order

The restaurant, café, and gallery have her own house with 3 levels. First, the ground floor has 3 places outdoor, inside and crypt. Me and my brothers set in outdoor when every table has his own style. especially this time of the year the weather is amazing

Then the inside which is the other place for people to set and also the tables are different than each other and the kitchen was there you can see through it. Then it comes to the crypt. And it is for a special event like birthday parties. And what make it special it is covered so no sunlight, rain or others can effect the event that day.

The second floor was the main kitchen, playground and workshop place. What makes it so interesting is all the art in the building is from the workshop that they did. And also, they have two nannies to take care of the children. They have a lot of activities, for example, candle making, soap making, jewellery design, mosiac, needle art, procelain/ ceramic painting, cooking class, clay modelling, Arabic calligraphy and more.

The 2nd floor is the surface which is for work meetings, VIP and it has a nice view and décor.

The waitress was very nice and smiling all the time which make us feel welcome.

The menu was mixed between Arabic food and international. And the price was average for a restaurant, you can pay by credit card. They have delivery servers and they have the website and a social media accounts include twitter, Instagram, facebook, and e-mail.

I ordered a burger and to be honest was not bad and was not good which mean I have had batter burgers from another restaurant who is their specialty is the burger. One of my brothers ordered Lasagna and it was delicious I personally don’t like Lasagna but this was tasty. The other brother ordered the pepperoni pizza and the bread was so light and make you feel fill at the same time. And the bill was not expensive it was 196 DHS.

I really like this place first it has art music and food. second, the food did not take a long time to arrive the last thing is the activities. You can not found a restaurant have it all like this

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