Lord of the Flies William golding


During a time of war, a plane carrying a group of school kids is shot down. The pilot was killed but many of the boys survive the crash and find themselves on an uninhabited island, where they are alone without adult supervision.


He provides the brains of the group, as well as the spectacles necessary to start the fire.
The elected leader of the boys. He tries to keep the boys focused on the rules of civilization
Roger: A quiet boy who is mean toward the weak. Maurice: one of Jack's main supporters


  • The island - It represents paradise. They try to create a perfect society. It is important to the story because it is during a time of war.
  • The Conch - Represents fear, aggression, and order. It is important because it gives some order to the boys on the island. It allows others to have the chance to talk.
  • The "Beast" - Represents the evil\violence that lives in the human hearts. This is important because it is realized in the story that the beast exists in everybody there.


The Loss of innocence
  • Ex 1. In the beginning Ralph tells Piggy multiple times that his father will come rescue them. In the end Ralph loses his faith in them being rescued.
  • Ex 2. The boys increasing belief of the "beast"


Simon to informs the boys that there is a "beast" lurking in the jungle. Jack wants to go kill the "beast" but Ralph ignores the threat which causes him to lose followers.

The hunters were bloodthirsty so when they heard sounds coming from the jungle they immediately thought it was the beast but it was really Simon coming to tell them the beast they saw was really the soldier that fell on the island. They then attack Simon and beat him to death and the ocean washes him away.

Jack tribe raided Piggy's camp and took his glasses so they could start a fire. Piggy's tribe tries to start a fire without it but fail so they go to Jack's camp to try to get them back. Jack and Ralph then start a fight and Roger pushes a boulder intended to hit Ralph but then hits Piggy instead and kills him.

In the end Ralph gets chased by Jacks tribe to the end of the forest and meets a Military Officer. He says he will rescue them.


Created with images by Larry Johnson - "Australia 2008" • rubber bullets - "jungle" https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/c4/2b/63/c42b6341206cb3bfeb56e36a5123771c.jpg https://www.yorknotes.com/images/onlineguides/GCSE/Lord-of-the-Flies-2017/LOTF%20Ralph.jpg https://www.yorknotes.com/images/onlineguides/GCSE/Lord-of-the-Flies-2017/LOTF%20Piggy.jpg https://www.yorknotes.com/images/onlineguides/GCSE/Lord-of-the-Flies-2017/LOTF%20Roger%20and%20Maurice.jpg http://cdn.playbuzz.com/cdn/98d44892-7c51-43aa-a463-3903ddca3ef0/5f3c1b2f-036a-47ba-91bb-1091f0fc8469.jpg

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