Haymitch a character profile by Nick Johnson copied by Leo Von Herrmann

Haymitch is a character that acts as a mentor for Katniss and Peeta during the first and second hunger games they participate in. He is a victor who often times is drunk so he does not come into interference with problems in his life. He was supposed to be in the 75th quarter quell as a tribute from District 12, but Peeta voulenteered in his place. He also makes seemingly worthless advice but ends up being right in the end.

A song that I think would suit Haymitch and almost every other single tribute that has participated in the Hunger games, is Heathens. It is song about prisoners who have to do things people would not ever do to survive the hostile place. The tributes of the hunger games face the same trials. They are trapping in a dictatorship where they are sacrficed in order to keep Districts in fear, fighting their own peers, and dieing in brutal natural conditions. It is said that the persons friends are "Heathens", but in reality it is not really their fault, like in the hunger games, killing others friends is not their fault.

Haymitch is a character ussually drunk and seems unhelpful. However, his advice is extremely helpful as he has won the Quarter Quell, a version of the hunger games that was created to be harder than the original. His advice help Katniss and Peeta multiple times, getting them sponsors to help heal wounds, and getting an alliance made in the second games where they surely would have killed them otherwise. It is easy to dismiss Haymitch as a joke of a character, but if you are willing to listen to him for a second, you may learn something that would save your life.

Haymitch's blog : So today, I wake up. Normal day. Get a drink, listen to those annoying brats chatter on about how much emotional pain they are in, get a drink, go back to listening, tell them you are getting a drink but its actually an excuse to stop having to put up with them for 5 seconds, typical day in the life of me. But as soon as I get a bit bored of hearing what type of stuff is happening in the capitol, I catch something Katniss is saying. I cannot believe it, so I go over to Katniss to confirm it. The 75th hunger games, also known as the 3rd quarter quell, will be running the special event of reaping from the victors. Fantastic. Another promise broken by the capitol. Victors are promised to never have to go through the hunger games ever again. Well, at least nobody is complaining about it, probably because they don't have to be the fighters this year. Sometimes I just want to rip the people of the capitol to shreds, one by one, but then I remember I can't just act on my rage, no matter how possible it seems in my head. I'm not even really that mad. I know for a fact that Peeta will volunteer if he is not picked. My real rage comes from the fact that I need to teach them a new way to survive, that is, well, not suited for a game with one victor. Teamwork. The one thing that humanity has used to survive ever. But in the Hunger games its different. You have to trust your team, not rely on them, and make sure that you know when to leave them. Its a hard way to do things, but this is a quarter quell. Reaping from the victors won't be the only thing for them to worry about, and they are going to need it to survive other challenges to please the capitols blood thirsty audience. There is not much I can do to help them, this is not about survival anymore. It never really was to begin with.

A skill Haymitch has is his intelligence. He is able to think outside the box and realize that the enemies are the ones in the chairs watching and not the ones in the arena. One of Haymitch's favorite things in the world is alcohol. This is pretty obvious as there is no scene where he is not drinking it.

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