Feeding Wild Animals BY:KHADIJA

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feeding wild animals , why do people feed these wild animals ,

why do humans feed wild animals

Lots of humans feed wild animals thinking that they will get close to the humans, but they do not know how harmful it is . Feeding wild animals causes health problems to the wild animals. If they are only being fed junk food then they will not get the nutrients they need, and if these wild animals get a disease or illness it can spread to the other groups too ! animals that get fed are Ducks , Birds , Coyotes .

feeding coyotes and ducks


Colorado : because there are many parks and zoos in Colorado for example : Rocky Mountain National Park , state forest state park , san Juan skyway etc. And people get a bigger chance to feed these wild animals.

Australia and Europe : because these countries spend $3 billion each year on food for example they feed wild birds , hummingbirds etc.

Canada : people get a chance to feed them because their are so many ducks by the lakes .

swans by the lake , $3 billion , humming bird

Why should we care ?

these are dead Ducks , and a dead Coyote.

We should care because we do not want species to die .It is affecting other species because the the diseases and illness will spread and they will die and then the number of species will decrease . and this is all cause of humans because they`re the ones who fed them

what can glen haven do to help ?

By not feeding wild animals what their not suppose to be fed and by telling family and friends to not do this.

Signs saying not to feed the Ducks, and Coyotes.




Wildlife_negative_effects science assighnment.pdf


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