Dining Halls in Clemson Beth Lipsey | English 1030 | Research Proposal

Is the Clemson Freshman meal plan worth the cost?

  • Who do we get the food from?
  • Did we always get our food from said Vendor?
  • Does this contribute to low quality of food and dissatisfaction of students when it comes to the dining hall's meal production?

The information on this page is not in detail and limits the consumer to seeing the weekly menus, the times they hall will be open, and the prices that they have for certain meal times (which varies depending on the time of day).

There is a place on the website where you can leave YOUR FEEDBACK on the Dining serves of Schilletter Dining hall and any of the other on campus dining services. This could be important to help get any improvement we may want for this because without speaking up there is no voice to the issue at hand.

We get our food from the Fresh Food Dining Services of the AraMarks company.

They provide us with those beautifully prepared bagged rehydrated eggs, the ever popular fried chicken sandwiches that are all the same shape no matter what, and the questionable salad materials that are ALWAYS the same.

This video displays a tour of the dining Hall.

The original video: Link

The dining Halls still are bad in food quality and sanitation as shown through the open faced food bars with food falling into all the other bins.


Yet none of the funds or wellnesses go into the dining or food here on campus really. Yes, they buy a dining hall, but they do not get quality food or staffing for the buildings they are putting up. Which is questionable for a top 20 school.

Speaking of "WICH" Back to the Dining Hall:

The Sandwich/Deli counter has clever catchy signs to entice the students and people but they do not have the best of service and/or the best of quality of food. The sandwiches are better than most of the food in the dining hall itself.

And some of these signs do not have coherent messages. Which can confuse those who are trying to go up and get food.

From Speaking to Sources:

Brother and His Wife 5 Alum of 5 years ago: The Dining halls still had the same food as we currently have. They stopped eating at them after their freshman year. They were also forced to eat there their freshman year.

My Parents: they do not recall what the food in the Dining hall was like. They fondly remember the dining hall being there to go hang out with their friends and being a place to meet up with people.

My Roommate Current Freshman: Fought the system along with help of her parents because the dining hall food triggered her stomach condition and she spoke to 3 different doctors that all evaluated the same thing was the issue with her. The dining hall food made her almost terminally ill.

The dissatisfaction of the students is probably linked to the quality and sanitation of the food and the facility and not as much linked to the nostalgia of eating with friends or any of the social aspect of it. Though this still does not qualify them as wonderful place for dining and we cannot say that this leads us to say it makes it is worth the $2000 dining plan or not but it does lead us to ask more questions about the dining hall itself.


  • Could Housing and Dining Pick a better Vender so we can get better quality food?
  • Could that entice the students and people eating in the dining hall to eat their more and productively use the food that is being presented to them?

AND this can lead to many more Questions...


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