Wearable Technology By shayne Mundakkal

Introductory to Wearable Technology

The Series 1 - Apple Watch


Firstly, I would like to examine the social benefits and social interactions that wearable technology can do, which people can communicate. Communication has a high potential in wearable technology for those who want to quickly reply or double tap with gestures. Wearable technology plays a huge role with social interactions. The usage of communication has evolved over time and enhanced the performances on how we interact in the 21st century with wearable technology. In 2017, probably the easiest way to interact with people is to take photos or even use gestured messages to your loved ones. In the recent years, Apple has designed a wearable technology we all may recognise due to the hype everyone has made for this product. The Apple watch is categorised as one of the best "wearable technology" in existence. The product hypes the feature that it can support phone calls from your wrest, within less steps and faster process to answer phones. This means that you use less time in your everyday rush between school, work or uni to answer calls and its much more convenient than ever.

Digital Touch ability on iMessage, enhancing quick performace and time efficiency.
"Mobile give us safety, security and instant access to information. They are the number one tool of communication for us, sometimes even surpassing face-to-face communication. They are our connections to our lives. " - Jeny Chang

However we make consider wearable technology as an extension of our smartphone, but this is very appropriate in situations that it could assist us from accomplishing many everyday processes with a much more easier way of using technology. Technologies that are considered to be portable and easy to be hand held are much more convenient to use, because small objects are easier to interact. For example, you don't see people using their iPads or any tablets to answer phone calls. This is probably why tablets are known to be "Dead" in 2017. The AiQ clothing company has decided to implement technology that has the ability to measure vitals into jewellery and garments (Quinlan, 2017). Using technology like this may confuse the basic human use of technology. Technology that are used on your wrest may not be accessed automatically. The human body has the tendency to naturally go to the things you do everyday. Wearable technology like the smart watch may take a reasonable time to fit in with the human nature. For example, if a phone call comes through, you naturally have the tendency to check your phone and not your wrest. These situations do waste time and yes wearable technology has plenty of advantages, but it will take time. A survey was conducted and it revealed that 66% of people would rather leave their lunch at home than their phone (Cell,2017). Having some love for technology is completely okay, but having a addiction to technology may lead everyone from human interaction. This causes the world to become "anti-social". Jenny Chang, who is the managing director of a global market company in the name of Synovates, has commented, "Mobile give us safety, security and instant access to information. They are the number one tool of communication for us, sometimes even surpassing face-to-face communication. They are our connections to our lives," (Reuters,2017). The usage of mobile phones have evolved over time, starting off as a simple brick phone to what we see now as a multi-purpose gadget thats under the palm of millions. How phones have impacted the society is just the same that will reflect from wearable technology in the coming years. Wearable technology has the potential to reduce time and this is due to the quick accessibility of wearables. How many times a day do you scroll down your Facebook feed or seeing notifications from Messenger pop up on your lock-screens? As a human nature, we consider replying to our messages, " most of us", which therefore connects us the addictiveness that we make. Therefore, the social impacts are not the only aspect that are taken into consideration for the society to make a decision for wearable technology.

AiQ smart Clothing company
66% of people would rather leave their lunch at home than their phone.


Secondly I would like to examine the ethical benefits of wearable technology, and also the side effects. Having the potential for businesses and new jobs have a better chance to take wearables into consideration for jobs to be done easier and efficient. Taken this into consideration, wearables have an high potential in making pre-exisiting jobs to be done in the most easiest way and this is definitely an economic advantage. Also, developing technology could supposedly create invasions of privacy or even become pointless in situations. Due to the introduction of technology, plenty of people have a job in the society. Plenty of important jobs have been gifted to people. These are considered to be the major jobs included: Social media manager, Uber drivers, Airbnb hosts, Cloud service specialists, Youtube content creators, App developers, Driverless car engineers, Drone operators and User experience designers. Coming back to the relation of wearable technology, other job fields will sprout and develop and will introduce many jobs to accomplish many different new tasks. The biggest example of this is Uber. Uber has developed an interface that allows people to call for a ride. Uber drivers are simple someone that duplicates the job of a taxi, however technology has evolved and now you can track, pay in advanced with one click on your smartphones. The ability to quickly interact with smartwatches can allow Uber drivers to quickly know there destinations through a simple notification. Also, on the other hand, the passenger may get a notification saying how far the uber driver is from them, which is seen on their Apple Watch. However, it has been estimated that driverless car engineering, will part take in over 320'000 new jobs for the United Kingdom, giving an average extra of £51 billion per year, (Bowers,2017). Wearable technology will allow an extension of app developers, user interface designers, designers and engineers, which all have the accessibility to wearable technology. Jobs will be increased for the economies health and will allow many people to have a career opportunity.

estimated that driverless car engineering, will part take in over 320'000 new jobs for the United Kingdom.
Uber - An App that allows people to book rides by just a touch on their phone.
"People from more than 400 cities in 70 countries can become Uber drivers. With 8 million users and over 160,000 drivers world wide – that’s a lot of jobs created as a result of an app!"

In addition to wearable technology, it maybe have the potential to be easily accessed in life but it can also cause invasions of privacy. The use of the hydration sensor that allows you to access your fridge, automatically allowing you to pour water, may sound super futuristic and helpful, but it may also interact with your privacy of technology. Also futuristic technology may sound really cool but the technology can be really useless. The Fitbit charge two offers recommendations for when to exhale and how often, sending the user notifications (2017, & Trackers, 2017) There are plenty of technology that are irresistible for people like us to avoid. For example, every year Apple targets many people to buy their new products and this makes the existing products you use feel old. For some people new and evolved technology is irresistible, even if its pointless to purchase. However, these are in fact the ethical side of wearable technology, that this maybe the advantages and disadvantages explored. Also, the final aspect of wearable technology must be examined and this would be the environmental impacts on wearable devices

The FitBit Charge 2
The Series 2 - Apple Watch

Environmental Issues

Finally, I would like to examine the environmental implications of wearable technology. As we use technology everyday, we release plenty of harmful gases into the atmosphere and this leads our Earth to danger. However, technology has changed over time and companies have taken things to grant. Companies have started to bridge the concept of eco-friendly products with solar power integrated into there gadgets, providing the best of renewable energy. Even though the concept of solar renewable energy started to come reality, plenty of companies still have the old traditional method of charging devices such as a power outlet. Some companies have started to provide energy from "kinetic energy". The peltier ring by Sean Hodgins has proved us with the use of body heat that allows a simple LED light to power. In 2014, the well recognised brand Tommy Hilfiger released a line of clothes that have the feature of solar panels integrated into their design (Quinlan, 2017). The technology that has been born as environmentally friendly could reflect more on phone.

Tommy Hilfiger solar panel jackets launched in 2014. (Third image)


We might of discussed about the social, ethical and environmental issues that they produce to the society, but we haven't dicussed about the solutions for these issues. As these devices are presented publically, it is also good to find the appropriate solutions for these issues that are relevant in todays society. Having a simplistic interface will allow people to use their devices in a much more convenient way. Allowing people to use a simple and easy user friendly intereface will enhance the user experience. From Apple's guidelines of design, it should be made mandatory that all applications should go through the process of the guidelines before being published on the apps store. Third party applications should comprehend the concept of "digital touch" or a software that allows the app to quickly glance over their notifications or even a quick reply ability. The in-built messaging app "iMessage" has already introduced digital touch. Also, the ethical issues can be simply be solved by a fast running device and the simplicity of the user interface.

iPhone Interface (iOS 7)
The simplicity of Watch Os Interface

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