Harn Museum of Art Tj North

Technique of the Artist

I'm unsure what technique the artist used to paint this portrait, but whatever was used gave the painting so much texture. The texture made me feel as if I could touch the portrait and feel the ripples in the water and the humidity in the air. I loved this portrait because the swampy atmosphere reminds me of a swampy lake back in Miami behind a baseball field that I used to periodically visit to play my guitar and explore the nature that was there. It brought back memories of freedom and a feeling that it is necessary to enjoy present.

Design of the Museum

I loved the incorporation of the outdoors in this section of the Harn. I was reminded of the timelessness of nature because of the juxtaposition of the modern architecture next to this garden. I felt the importance of preserving nature, the one thing that has remained remotely the same throughout our time on earth.

Art and Core Values

While passing by this artwork, my eye was caught by the image of the woman caring for a baby. It reminded me of my love for my family, and particularly my appreciation for my mother. It more fully instills almost what feels like being indebted to her because of how much she has cared for me. It helps me better understand that I want to return that care unto her.

Art and the Good Life

This art work, in my perspective, symbolizes the good life theme of the human need for love and community and being part of a group. In the lower picture I see a woman who puts her whole heart into her family. She has no color, while her family members are very colorful because her heart is doing all it can to love them and be there to support them and fill them with life. It helps me understand that loving is a constant struggle to use ourselves to fill up the ones we love with life and color.

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Tom North

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