Jurassic park by dominick zea

The only direct evidence we have is from fossils.some fossils show deformations that may have been caused by arthritis,cancer,or infection. most dinosaur fossils show no evidence of disease at all.dinosaurs may have been less affected by disease than humans are.

12.some dinosaurs eat dinosaurs,plants.

some dinosaurs eat dinosaurs

84.it depends on the amperage. 10,000 volts won't bother you much if amperage is very low though it can give you a bit of a buzz. 10,000 volts with some amperage behind it will kill you.

88.Electric current can cause injury in three ways. Cardiac arrest due to the Electrical effect on the heart. Muscle,nerve,and tissue destruction from a current passing through the body. Thermal burns from contact with the electrical source.

85.it is important that you do not touch a person before making sure you won't get shocked.

87.the Mayo-clinic says "begin CPR if the person shows no signs of circulation such as breathing,coughing or movement" if electric shocked.

93.dinosaurs went extinct about 65 million years ago

94.An extraterrestrial impact,such as an asteroid or comet, or a massive bout of volcanism.

90.Dinosaurs lived between 230 and 65 million years.

21.If they imprint on a human they imprint them for life.

69. Dinosaurs do not sneeze.

19.Frogs can change their gender


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