Who Am I? By: Ameryn Kelly

Table of Contents

  • Who did I think I was before entering this class?
  • Interest Profiler Analysis
  • Ideas Analysis
  • Workplace Importance Locator Analysis
  • Career Cluster Analysis
  • What Career Interests Me?
  • What Education is Required
  • What Schooling Options Should I Consider
  • What Companies Would I Like to Consider

Who Did I Think I Was Before Entering This Class?

  • In first semester I always stressed way to much
  • I stressed out about school all the time
  • Now I am more laid back and organized
  • But I still like to get my stuff in on time
  • I also still like to over achieve if i can in my classes

Interest Profiler Analysis

  • I am very investigative but I am not that social
  • I prefer to use thought rather than action
  • I like hands on problems ans solutions but, my results say different
  • I am not controversial at all
  • I don't like starting up projects or carrying them out


  • I am very realistic and very investigative
  • I am very interested in the medical field
  • I am not artistic and I do not like writing
  • I don't really have interest in making friends
  • I like to be independent according to my assesment

Work Importance Locator

  • I have a lot of achievements and goals
  • I get quite a lot of recognition
  • Preferably when I do something memorable
  • I very much enjoy independent work
  • I don't really like relationships

Career Cluster

  • Health Science in definitely where I am headed
  • It says that Finance is a strength for me
  • Unfortunately I hate math and Finance
  • I like science but that's some what in the middle
  • As for education and training, not my cup of tea

What Careers From my Results Interest me

  • One career for sure is and LPN or an RN
  • Licensed Practitioner Nurse or a Registered Nurse
  • They work along side of a Doctor or Physician
  • They can't prescribe medications without doctors say so
  • But they can do everything else that a doctor can

What Education is Required

  • Four years of schooling is required
  • Two years if you take college classes in high school
  • Have to take and pass the NCLEX
  • The National Counsel Licensure Examination
  • One year of Internship and five years of residency

Programs of Study I am Interested in

  • I am interested in Kinesiology and maybe STEM
  • Kinesiology is the study of the mechanics of body movements
  • STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathmatics
  • I am specifically interested in Science
  • Specifically human science and how the body functions

What Schooling Options are You Willing to Consider

  • I am willing to consider a University
  • BSU is one of the ones I am considering
  • I am willing to consider a state college
  • Lewis and Clark State College is one I want
  • I don't really know if i want to go to college

What Companies Would I like to Consider working for?

  • I would like to work for a hospital
  • Probably St. Luke's in boise
  • I would consider working in a Nursing Home
  • I would want to work at a gym as a trainer

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