How to Motivate the Fox Into being a nice human

Be Nicer to Your Students

Who knows what Dylan does when he gets home. Does he cry because of the rude remarks you say back to his weird comments? Does Colin still hold the grudge of you telling him he's soft? Jordyn is still stressed out that you think she faked her hip injury, now none of them are the same. Sure acting nice will throw people off based on your way of handeling things, but don't you like doing weird things to your students??? Isn't that what psychology is all about...(jokes) Here are the steps you need to get help.

1. The Truth

Being candid is not a bad thing all the time... . Sometimes the truth is too much for people, and not going to lie but there are sensitive souls at Darby, and you just need to overcome the desire to hash at these poor kids.

2. Hypocrisy

I am many times caught being candid and many times scary to my friends because I swear I am the only one who will tell them the truth which usually hurts a lot. As well as my RBF that comes off strong 9 times out of 10. Since I'm asking you to change, it would only be right if I were to slightly change my behavior into also being a nicer being.

3. One Step at a Time

If you're able to look at Dylan without saying any negative or harsh comments, it means you have made it. Not yet.

To start with a thought that might make you happy and even smile, like Taco Bell, and to keep the thought in the back of your mind while talking to your students. Who cares if you're paying attention or not to what the kid was saying, because it is the first step to a happier (on the outside) life!

Find more things that bring happiness to your life, whether it was when YOU USED TO verbally destroy your cross country runners or track and field athletes or your childhood where you killed chickens...

The next step is to pay attention to what students are saying while thinking of something which makes you happy (this may take practice because some students can be severely ignorant).

4. Pass it On

By this point you're able to criticize and leave rude remarks to others in your head! No more arguing about if the Lion King and Frozen were similar because they aren't and who cares!! No more calling people out AKA Dailyn if they aren't paying attention even though they were just trying to find their notes!! That poor Dylan Litreal who is used to getting verbally smacked by you, but he can kiss that goodbye!!

You being nicer could spread to those who are in need to show respect to others as well. Dylan Newport might stop talking about JohnnyXC 24/7, I might be nicer to most people, but most importantly, everyone might stop hate themselves a little less.

5. Praise

Seeing this massive change in your life could bring you gifts and compliments from your students based on the way you change your behavior. It is not hidden... we all know what you like, so it'd be easy for us to get these things for you.. based on how easy you are on us.


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