Good Life Tour of the Harn By Cameron Cohen

Design of the Museum: I found it really interesting that there were parts of the museum dedicated to landscaping, and outdoor art. Normally, when you think of art, landscaping and outdoor design is not often something that comes to mind but after seeing it I found it to be a perfect fit to be in the museum. The use of natural light is very useful in the development of the exhibit. The exhibit made me appreciate the outdoors and outdoor artists, in a way that I did not before.
Medium of the Art: This piece, named, Eighteen-Light Pond Lily Lamp is unique in that it uses an everyday item and crafts it into a distinctive, and eye catching piece of work. I really enjoy how this piece of work uses lighting and technology, and combined it with nature to show how nature and technology can work in symbiosis. The artwork made me realise how much nature and design of technology have in common.
Art and the Good Life: This piece of clothing is a woman's wedding ensemble from late 20th century Egypt. This piece is representative of the good life as it represents a momentous occasion in one's life: a wedding. If the good life is creating memories and experiences, than a wedding, marrage, and moreso the love that is developed from it, can be a critical point to the good life.
Art and core values: This statue of a seated Buddha, produced during the Joseon Dynasty, in Korea, is important when discussing the value of spiritualism. Although I am not a buddhist, I have reverence for someone who will put the effort and time into sculpting something so detailed and intricate. To see that their are people with such extreme devotion to their faith makes me prideful and optimistic that others will feel the same. This piece allows me to appreciate how the spirituality of the past can be visualized for generations to come.

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