We Handcraft Jewelry From Sketch to Finish!

A True Custom Jewelry Design requires an Original Idea, a Sketch, a 3D Wax Model and an Expertly Assembled, Set & Finished Piece.


We craft our jewelry from scratch, not a pre-made template or pre-manufactured parts. We will sketch a series of concepts and renderings for your custom jewelry design project based on your Style and Budget. Once the design is approved, we will give you a Quote and the Project Completion Time Frame related to your project. Once the Final Rendering and Estimate is approved, we proceed to the 3D Wax Model Process.


A 3D scale wax model of your custom jewelry design is either Hand Carved or Digitally created in 3D CAD to your precise specifications for you to analyze. This will allow you to see the design from all angles, and make adjustments to the design, and your budget if necessary. Once you have reviewed the 3D Model (either in person or online), we can make modifications and adjustments based on your feedback.


The original wax model is "Invested". Investment is a plaster like substance that hardens at room temperature, sealing the model in place inside a steel Flask. Once dry, the flask is placed in the fire brick Kiln for Burnout. As the Kiln heats up, the investment hardens and wax melts out of the flask leaving a Cavity of the design. Once the wax has been eliminated, the metal of choice is melted by Electro-Melt and poured into the flask by a Centrifugal & Vacuum system, filling the cavity left by the wax model.


Once the flask cools and the raw Platinum, Gold, Palladium or Silver Casting is removed from the investment, the Sprue (lead) is clipped and Semi-Finishing begins. The raw casting is filed, sanded, Tumbled, and fine sanded. Assembly with a Laser or traditional Soldering may be required as well.


Once semi-finished the gems are Stone Set in place, straight and level, under a Microscope with the help of a series of high speed steel gravers. The piece is polished in three to five stages beginning with heavy 800 grit compound and ending with a 8000 grit fine polish. Once polished to a mirror finish, the piece is steam cleaned, inspected, photographed and appraised.


Your One-Of-A-Kind Jewelry Item may be picked up at our studio in person, or we will carefully ship it to you via USPS Express Insured with Signature Confirmation at no additional cost. You are sure to love your new jewelry design!


We just want you to be happy! After all, you will be wearing your jewelry for life. And we also want you to pass it down to the next generation. We guarantee the quality of materials and craftsmanship for life, or we will replace, or re-make the item at no extra cost to you. Every jewelry item we make will be serviced for life Free of charge. This includes ring sizing, prong tipping, polishing, cleaning and more!

J. West Jewelry Designs

"Uniquely Crafted Jewelry For The One You Love!"

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Since 1999

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