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Russ Kamp

2021-2022 President

Russ provides great leadership in our club. Russ has been an enthusiastic member of our club since 2011. He combines the professionalism and skills from his corporate experience along with a passion for serving others.

2020-2021 Presidents Message

Peter Brannigan

Membership Committee

Rotary Member Since: 2013

Peter assists with many of the technology aspects of running our club. From running our Zoom meetings to helping maintain our website. Peter is a past President of the club and has hosted multiple Gift of Life families as they receive life-saving heart operations.

Karen Seminara-Patton

One Of Our Newest Members

Rotary Member Since: 2020

Karen has been a great addition to our club providing both enthusiasm along with ideas and organizational skills. Karen was the co-founder of Wyckoff Helping Healthcare Heroes. Our club helped with that initiative and Karen was inspired to join us to do more in the community.

Andrew Garlick

Marketing Committee

Rotary Member Since: 2000

Andy serves in a number of roles for the club. He is a fountain of knowledge on the history of the club and performs the inductions of new members.

Ken Norman

Rotary Member Since: 1963. (Our Longest Serving Member)

Ken is an inspiration to all of us. He is the hardest working member at Service Projects no matter how physical the demands. He is always the first to raise his hand when help is requested. Our club presents a very special honor each year to non-Rotarians in our community that give back in a major way - the 'Ken Norman Community Service Award' is named in honor of Ken and his selfless donation to #Rotary. Carol is always by his side with her sleeves rolled up and ready to help.

Lloyd Vorderstrasse

Rotary Member Since: 2014

Membership Committee

Lloyd loves to volunteer and his life is centered on service to others. He pioneered our use of video in the club to capture the variety and wisdom of our visiting speakers. If you visit our YouTube channel you can enjoy some excellent talks thanks to his handiwork.

Tom Madigan

Rotary Member Since: 1996

Tom has been a strong supporter of Gift of Life over the years. He and his wife Mary have hosted many families before and after their life saving heart operations. He has participated in a trip to the Ukraine with a Gift of Life medical team. Tom is a member of the Wyckoff Township Committee.

Members Bios Coming Soon

Adams, John. Rotary Member Since: 2006

Ardelle, Evan Rotary Member Since: 2015

Eliya, Emmy Rotary Member Since: 2003

Farcy, Fred Rotary Member Since: 2005

Garlick, Geoffrey Rotary Member Since: 2020

Hanly, Kevin Rotary Member Since: 1988

Herman, Benita Rotary Member Since: 2016

Hunt, Ryan Rotary Member Since: 2020

Kaufman, Robert Rotary Member Since: 2020

Keyes, Judy Rotary Member Since: 2015

We welcome guests to our weekly meeting to get to know our team and our current initiatives better. Click the link below to request one of the 10 slots reserved for visitors on our Zoom meeting each week. We have fascinating guest speakers on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Thursdays of each month