Droughts In India By: Rohan Patel

These two pictures show what Indians have to do to get water in India. (https://harvestingwater.wordpress.com/about/) and ( http://www.hindustantimes.com/topic/dindori)

In India there are lots of Problems. One problem in India is that they have lots of droughts. The droughts are caused by climate change. Over 300 million people were affected by droughts in India. Some people in the city have to push and shove people to get fresh water and people in villages have to climb down deep wells and walk miles to get water.

Because of lack of rainfall people in India have to climb down to get unsainitised water. (http://www.cagesideseats.com/2015/9/24/9390717/rumor-roundup-sept-24-2015-vince-mcmahon-freaking-out-raw-ratings-wwe-security)

One of the reasons is the lack of rainfall. Lack of rainfall can cause lots of problems for India. Because lack of rainfall animals would die off, Indians would get diseases and maybe die off too, because of unsanitized water and dehydration.

Because of climate change Poor farmers have to suffer with no money, no crops and water in India (http://asianworldnews.co.uk/business/india-pledges-billions-for-farmers-in-make-or-break-budget/)

Secondly, farmers would lose money and would have no food to feed their family. Farmers would lose money and have no food for their family because they can't grow crops. If there is no water in the soil where they grow crops and plants it would die off because with no water in the soil would have no nutrients to grow and be healthy, which leads to no sails and no food for the family.

People trying to getting groundwater from wells in India (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/indiahome/indianews/article-3132064/North-India-s-water-table-goes-critical-overexploitation-real-estate-farming-sectors.html)
The ground has big cracks because of over explanation of groundwater. (https://twitter.com/DBSenica/with_replies)

Lastly, over explanation of groundwater is a big problem. Most of Indians live in rural places because of farming opportunities, and they mostly have wells to get their water. But now because of droughts and over explanation of groundwater Indians would have less ground water. This can lead to cracks and spaces in soil which can harm the growth of crops, it can also damage the structures of homes because of land substance and more.

Created By
Rohan Patel


Created with images by Nick Kenrick. - "Rajasthan . India"

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