Rhya's awesome snow day By Rhya

One morning I woke up and I got dressed l looked out the window and it was a snowstorm l wanted to go outside so l went downstairs and l got my snowpants mittens coat boats and hat .then I opened the door and snow fell into my house so l closed the door and l walked outside snow hit me in the face it heart l walked farther and l saw my dad shoveling the snow the snow he kept showing and the snow went back on the drive way then he stopped and went inside l stared outside l bilt a fort so it would pertecd me from the snow and wind then l went out my fort and went inside l went into the washroom and my face was red so my mom made me a hot choclate and she had a coffee and her talked about when l was outside l said it was horrible it heart my face so much

I looked at the clock and it was 12:00 l said to my mom don't you have to go to work no my mom said I got the day off l watched a movie with my mom about 10: minutes after the movie Dawson woke up their was nothing to do so l had a nap hour later l woke up l went downstairs and l had a snack after l couldn't find my mom so I went outside and made a snowman and snowoman for guards and l bilt on,y other. Fort then my mom came in the drive way and Said come inside so l went inside and it was time to go to bed. THE END


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