Poetry By Joe-ANthony


I have lived a life but no long enough I have made some good friends here and there I met a very great teacher that has made me passed the class that I been having trouble in…..

PS. Carp I took a bite out of one of your sandwiches and it didn't taste right so I spit in it and watched you eat it I had a good laugh

Figurative language

1.Hyperbole:exaggerated statements or claims not meant to be taken literally.

2.simile: using like or as in a sentence

3.metaphor:a figure of speech in which a word or phrase is applied to an object or action to which it is not literally applicable.

4.personification:the attribution of a personal nature or human characteristics to something nonhuman, or the representation of an abstract quality in human form.

Examples: "Busy as a bee" personification

"My momma is as big as my turd" hyperbole


Wanna know who walked? (5)

Who walked out on his great creation (7)

Well he's missing out (5)

By Joe.

1. Gn

2. Gm

3. K

4. Chigga (another word for nigga)

5. Btw

Line 1: Joe-Anthony Clayton Arrañaga

Line 2: video games, Netflix, YouTube, sleep, eat, text

Line 3: siblings one brother and two step brothers and one sister and a step sister and unknown siblings

Line 4: what I love is food and hat type of food is picadio with cheese and extra habaneros

Line5: honestly I don't know what I fear

Line 6: what I need is more money to be able to get more things

Line 7: what I give is humorous and laughter I don't know about anything else

Line 8: what I would like to see is the world to be able to explore and be adventurous

Line 9: and where I'm from is a place that I miss a place that I think is a true home and that place is Abilene,Texas

Line 10: my last name is Arrañaga named after my father that I never known


1."Even tho I had a life I didn't live it how I should"

2."I didn't really get along with my family but I will miss having them around"

3."Carp is one of those funny teachers the ones that are nice and caring to you to me he's a celebrity he's my number one celebrity"

I dreamed a dream

The cause of the feeling of the lyric song the "I dreamed a dream" is supposed to be touching and deep the meaning and cause if this song is to teach you a lesson or two

Sim 4 me

1. Hockey is like a couple smashing each other

2. Valentines days is like a red nose

3.my dad likes to disappear like a ghost

Each sense

Sight:dry up like a raisin in the sun"

Taste:crust and sugar over like a sugary


Touch:does is fester like a sore"

Smell:does it stink like rotten meat"

Sound:does it sag like a heavy load"

Biggie smalls

The image that notorious B.I.G. Shows me that he had it tough but he never gave up he kept fighting for his daughter, his dream was to protect his daughter and take care of her now that he's rich he can so that dream is fulfilled


1. Gn

2. Gm

3. K

4. Chigga (another word for nigga)

5. Btw

Let me die in my

What he's trying to say is that he wants to die how he wants to die he wants to die accomplishing his goals and then dying in his footsteps so that he can look back at all the things he has done in his life

Me against the world

What this means is that 2pac is on his own and it's just him against the world the cops hate him and he's got nothing to lose cause 2pac isn't afraid of anything he's strong and is willing to fight

Ain't I a woman

Aint I a woman what is the meaning? Well I'll tell ya what this meaning is talking about is the woman slaves not having fair others cause there a different color and there slaves and there masters are white folks and ain't I a woman also means is that women stand up and fight for there rights and freedom

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