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Keeping your workforce engaged and motivated in the first quarter can be challenging. Like most employers, you are probably looking for ways to create and capitalize on opportunities for your team members. Bonuses and sales commission structure tend to be primary motivation tools for most companies, but there are other types of incentives you can use to encourage all your departmental teams. Here are four incentives options to help drive your entire staff towards success:

Wellness incentive program

Employee wellness programs are designed to help enhance employees’ health via overall improved physical and mental well-being. Some simple ways companies can incentivize employees in this manner are:

  • Provide an extended lunch break
  • Provide a relaxation room
  • Provide additional paid time off for employee’s birthday or work anniversary
  • Offer a discount on gym memberships
  • Contribute to an HSA or HRA account
  • Offer employees a discount on their insurance premium or deductible

Make sure you look into your company’s existing insurance provider to see what types of wellness program you can offer your employees. Many have built in plans already in place.

Point-based incentives

Give everyone in your organization an opportunity to achieve their goals. Allowing employees to earn points as they work towards their objectives not only will empower them to increase their efforts, but will also allow them to choose their own reward upon completion of the set task. Permitting the employee to redeem their earned points for an item of their choosing means the prize they receive will then forever be a reminder of their hard work and dedication.

Training programs

Professional and personal training opportunities can be powerful motivators for those who are eager to improve themselves. According to the American Psychological Association, “only 44% of US employees are satisfied with the development opportunities they’re offered at work.” Offer each of your departmental teams opportunities to develop their professional skills with specialized workshops, seminars, and certified courses. Also consider offering additional “fun” classes such as cooking, painting, or other special interest courses for employees looking to improve their personal goals. Employees tend to be more motivated when they know their employer is interested in helping them achieve both professional and personal goals.

Experience incentives

Chances are there are a number of experiences your employees would love to have but are unable or unwilling to spend the necessary time, money, and resources. This is why companies should invest in providing “experience incentives” such as destination travel opportunities, luxurious weekend getaways, or upscale spa retreats. These incentives should be saved for top performers due to cost and resources for the company, but when executed properly the outcome is priceless. According to the Incentive Research Foundation, “travel incentives have a much higher ROI than other non-cash rewards since they produce a high level of motivation.” How much harder will your employees work if they knew their efforts could potentially result in an unforgettable experience of a lifetime?

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