Superintendent's Notes September 18, 2020

Can you believe it!?! We are at the end of WEEK 4! There are no words to describe how proud I am of this team and our combined effort to make this year amazing and productive for students. We have not let our new "normal" define who we are as Sandites and our students are the winners! Thank you!

The first big announcement this week is the change in Leadership at two of our elementary sites. Ms. Karen Biggs has taken over as the Principal of Pratt Elementary and Ms. Terri Lee is now serving as the Interim Principal at Limestone Technology Academy. This was a change that occurred at the beginning of this week and another example of how quickly we are prepared to "Turn on a Dime!" These two amazing women have the best attitudes and a driving determination to make sure students have what they need! Thank you to both of you for your dedication to the important work at hand!

Meet Ms. Terri Lee. She is with a few students from her first grade class this year!
Ms. Karen Biggs is doing car rider duty at Limestone the first day of school. You will now see her doing the same at Pratt Elementary!

Weekly updates on current COVID-19 numbers are available on the Sandite website. We are collecting data weekly on the number of current positive cases and the number of current quarantines/isolations as a district. As we continue to navigate through this unprecedented time, we are getting better at making decisions critical for the health of our students/staff and for student learning. BIG shout out to our admin team for diligently working through each and every scenario carefully following our district guidelines. We will be able to use this data to adjust our practices as needed to ensure our decisions are following the CDC and local health department guidance while still balancing both safety/health and learning. Our goal is to create as little disruption to the learning process as possible through this journey. We will continue to adjust our decisions as we learn more. Thank you for your grace and patience through this period as this is definitely not an easy task. We are currently updating our District Decision Guidelines regarding classroom, site, and school closure and our data collection is proving to be helpful. We also understand quarantine procedures can be difficult for our staff. At this point we must stick to our guidance procedures outlined in our Strategies for Startup document located on our website. We will try to work on an individual basis with employees who may be affected by any of these procedures; however, it is important that leave policies are consistently applied across all departments and work groups. Thank you to Ms. Kristin Arnold who has been working through many questions.

I love CPHS FFA. These are pictures of officers at the COLT Conference 2020 and scholarship recipients! This program is GREAT for students! Appreciate Mr. Randy Evans and Mr. Jason Anderson for their work!

Quick reminder about the school lunch program waiver. All student meals will be free through December, 2020. HOWEVER, it still continues to be important to get our families to apply for the free/reduced lunch program so that when this program ends, they can still access free or reduced rates if they qualify. This is also important for school funding! Find the application form here OR families can apply ONLINE. Please get this information out to your families soon!

This is one of my favorite projects at Limestone Technology Academy. It won't be long before beautiful butterflies will emerge!

Congratulations to Mr. Shawn Beard for EdTech recognition as one of the K–12 IT Influencers nationwide for 2020! We all know he has crazy amazing skills, but to be recognized nationwide is a HUGE honor. We are proud of you Mr. Beard!

Check out the set up in Ms. Mandi Cloud's kindergarten classroom at Limestone! Innovation at it's finest, along with social distancing of course!

Check out the video by our very own Indian Education Department to celebrate Native American Day! Ms. Susanne Sanders, our Indian Education Director, submitted this video to the Greater Tulsa Area Indian Affairs Commission NA Day committee and had great feedback. Take the time to watch our Sandite students explain why this day is important to them and describe their pride in their heritage. Ms. Sanders and her team provide cultural programs and academic support to over 785 students at Sand Springs Public Schools! Great job Ms. Susanne Sanders and team!

Photo credit goes to Mr. Mike Burdge. This is a Cross Country race in Broken Arrow from last Saturday and a finish from Dalton Wilcox!
These 5 ladies at CPHS and CPFA truly make the magic happen for students. Our ability to individualize student learning plans is INCREDIBLE. Thank you Megan Elliot, Sandi Franklin, Janice Marr, Kendra Roulet and Michelle Spears. Your smiles shine right through those masks!
Thanks to Reach Church for providing umbrellas to the folks at the Early Childhood Education Center who are now doing car rider duties! They are filling needs through their willingness to serve our schools!
#nevertireofdoingtherightthing #nomatterhowhard

Thank you for all you do! The journey this year will make us stronger and better. I am proud of all my colleagues! Have a great weekend! ~Sherry