Love and hate can drive people to make bad choices

Scene questions-

Act 5, scene 3. The Montagues and Capulet families found Romeo, Juliet, and Paris dead in Juliet’s tomb which ended their feud. This supported the theme because of the family's love of their children it ended their feud.

Act 3, scene 1. Tybalt hated Romeo so he sent him a message about a duel and instead of those two fighting Tybalt fought Mercutio and killed him. This happened because Tybalt’s hate for the Montagues led him to fight and kill someone.

Act 5 scene 3. Romeo used poison and killed himself by Juliet’s tomb. This supports the theme because Romeo’s love for Juliet drove him to kill himself because he thought she was dead.

Act 2 scene 3. Romeo and Juliet went to Friar Lawrence and got married. This supports the theme because they got married because they love each other and want to be with each other forever.

Act 4 scene 3. Romeo and Juliet want to be together so she drinks a potion Friar Lawrence made that puts her to sleep but makes her seem dead. Romeo thinks she is dead and kills himself. This supports the theme because Juliet loved Romeo so she made a plan to leave her family by faking her death but it didn't work.


You say you want

Diamonds on a ring of gold

You say you want

Your story to remain untold

But all the promises we make

From the cradle to the grave

When all I want is you

Romeo and Juliet talked about being together forever till they die and wanting each other for life.

You say you'll give me

A highway with no one on it

Treasure just to look upon it

All the riches in the night

Romeo and Juliet talked about just being those two for life with no one else to interrupt them.

You say you'll give me

Eyes in a moon of blindness

A river in a time of dryness

A harbor in the tempest

Romeo and Juliet said how they'd make each other happy no matter what.

But all the promises we make

From the cradle to the grave

When all I want is you

Romeo and Juliet talked about being together forever till they die and wanting each other for life.

You say you want

Your love to work out right

To last with me through the night

Juliet and Romeo wanted to be together all the time and their love to workout even though they aren't allowed to be together.

You say you want

Diamonds on a ring of gold

Your story to remain untold

Your love not to grow cold

Romeo and Juliet talked about not losing their love and to never stop liking each other.

All the promises we break

From the cradle to the grave

When all I want is you

Juliet and Romeo want to be together till they die.

You, all I want is

You, all I want is

You, all I want is


All Romeo and Juliet wanted was to be together and nothing else.

This song connects to my theme of love and hate can drive people to make bad choices because the love of Romeo and Juliet was all they both wanted and it drove them to make bad choices. In the song it is saying how all this one person wants is the other person and how they'll make everything better. Also the song is saying how they will be together till death and do whatever for each other, and that's what Romeo and Juliet did for each other which was a bad choice resulting in the death of both of them. Lastly the song relates to Romeo and Juliet because both of them talked about loving each other forever and that love never running out which is the main idea of the song.

12 poetic devices-


definition- a joke exploiting the different possible meanings of a word

Act 3 scene 1- “If I were in to the habit of fighting the way you are, my life insurance rates would be sky high.”


Definition- A word or phrase is applied to an object

Act 2 scene 2 “I know not how to tell thee who I am, my name dear Saint is hateful.”

Dramatic irony-

Definition- when a character acts out of shock or surprise.

Act 5 scene 3 “ oh noise then I'll be quick oh good a knife my body will your sheath just inside my body let me die.”


definition- opposites of something or someone.

Act 1 scene 1 “ O brawling love O loving hate.”


Definition- painting a picture with words

Act 2 scene 2 as glorious as the night as is winged messenger of heaven.


Definition- serious disagreement or argument

Act 1 scene 3 “Marry that Marry is the very theme. I come to talk of tell me daughter Juliet thou stands your disposition to be married Juliet. It is an honor that I dream not of.”


Definition- description of someone.

Act 1 scene 5 “it fits when such a villain is a gust I'll not endure him.”


Definition- corresponding of sound between words or the ending words

Act 1 scene 1 “love is heavy and light bright and dark hot and cold sick and healthy asleep and awake.”


Definition- a warning or an indication of a future event

Act 2 scene 4 “Tybalt old Capulet’s nephew has sent a letter to Romeo’s fathers house.”


Definition- comparing two different things using like or as.

Act 1 scene 4 “Love pricks like a thorn.”

Tragic hero-

Definition- someone who makes a judgement wrong that leads to death.

Act 5 scene 3 “Oh that pharmacist was honest ! His drugs work quickly so I die with a kiss.”

Tragic flaw-

Definition- a flaw leading to the death of a hero.

Act 5 scene 1 “Don't you have a letter for me from the Friar” “No my good lord.”

News Article-

For the past 10 days, their cell phones have been turned off. They’ve made no calls to their parents, sent no e-mails or texts, and haven’t logged on to Facebook.

Romeo and Juliet also wasn't informing keeping there parents updated on there love life

Just weeks before their high school graduation, a Miami-area teen couple vanished, leaving their families worried sick.

Jackson Powell, 18, and Nicole Dones, 17, attended their senior prom together on April 16, then disappeared the following Monday. Police believe they left in Jackson’s mother’s dark-blue 2006 Jeep Cherokee.

“We just believe that it’s a modern day Romeo and Juliet,” Miami-Dade Police Detective Edna Hernandez tells the Miami Herald. Police say they don’t have any reason to believe the teens are in any danger at this time.

Parents Wanted Them to Cool It

Jackson and Nicole had been getting pressure from their parents to slow down their relationship after both showed signs of neglecting their studies. Several weeks ago, the pair were caught skipping school together.

Romeo also took risk too for example when he snuck to Juliet house knowing he wasn't suppose to being that there on opposite sides.

“We never forbid our daughter from seeing Jackson,” Nicole’s mother Margie Chavez tells PEOPLE. “We just didn’t want her to lose focus on school.”

Jackson’s dad Wayne admits he wanted his son to “back off a little bit” from the relationship and focus on college.

“This is a boyfriend and girlfriend who have run off together,” Wayne Powell tells the Herald. “They obviously want to be together without any parental interference.”

Absolutely agree

Jackson’s parents add their son has been dealing with recent emotional hardship: He’d been going through trouble with the law after he lost his older brother in a car accident last year.

Meanwhile, the missing teens have no credit cards and their parents believe they may be running out of cash soon.

“Every day that passes without hearing from them is agony for us,” says Nicole’s mother. “All this uncertainly brings a lot of fear.”

Anyone with information on the missing teens should call the Miami-Dade Police Missing Persons Unit at (305) 418-7200.

This connects to Romeo and Juliet even though it's not the exact same scenario Jackson and Nicole wanted to run off and rush into a relationship without any input of there parents opinions this relates to Romeo and Juliet because Romeo and Juliet wanted to run away without any there parents knowing. Both scenarios didn't think out the process of how they would get food even if they was to run away. Although Romeo and Juliet plans didn't end on a successful note they planned for it to work out like Nicole and Jackson , like a fairytale happy ever after but unfortunately both scenes didn't end up as planned.

YouTube Link-


Love is a strong word

Sometimes it can stab you in the back like a sharp sword

Love is a great and wonderful thing

It can be peaceful like a humming bird sing

It can also be pain

They say they love you and then gain something from your pain

Love can drive people to the edge

Like cut off their friends for their boyfriend

Even though their supposed to be friends to the end

Love and hate can drive people to do bad things

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