My Dream Cloud my wish list for the future

When I grow up I would like to live on a farm that is located near a town or even a city. I would like a big house with a massive kitchen and master bedroom. I Would also love to have a garden and a beautiful and well kept yard. I want a house that I will be proud to live in.

Since I was little I always remember wanting a 1957 Chevy Truck. I never knew why I really wanted one but I always told myself before I die that I would own one. I would also like a jeep but the truck is the one car I really want.

DOGS, who doesn't love them? I know I do. I want at least three dogs and I'm hoping to get a huskie but any dog will work, I mean all dogs are cute. I also loves sloths but I know it's not at all realistic to have a sloth.

Some of the personal items for my enjoyment that I would like in my life are a phone, computer, books and a pool. I would also like a bike and a television. I would like things that will keep me busy and things that will relax me.

Last of all my hobbies and things I will be doing in my spare time. I want to be doing a lot of soccer and volunteer work. I also want to have time for reading, biking, nature walks and camping. During the summer I want to spend as much time outside as I can and in the winter I would like to do a lot of snowboarding.

Overall that is really what I want when I think of a future. I know somethings won't work out do to different issues but I'll work for what I want in life. This may not be all I want, it might change as I get older. This is what I would like at the moment when I think of a dream future and I would be pretty happy if that's what I get later in life. Two thing I left out that I really want in my lifetime is a family whom I love very much and happiness. Those are another two big things I want. Overall happiness is the one thing I wish for in the future.


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