Our Future, Our Success

Day 1, Monday 27/11/17

The start of the day with some presentations about our countries.
After learnig about our nationalities we took a break and we got to know us πŸ˜„.
Later we went to the House of Knowledge and we watched a 3D movie about Vila Verde 😊.
Lots of fun learning about robotics πŸ˜‚.
The fascination of students looking at robots πŸ˜‰.
How Valentine's Handkerchievs tradition began? We know itπŸ‘.

Day 2, Tuesday 28\11\17

Second day we started in the best possible way with pop-music, a very funny dance πŸ‘ .
Later we answered a few questions πŸ‘“.
We made our dream and very successful characters. πŸ’ͺ
After lunch we went to a Porto's school.
Just see this view. We were there for a boat tripβ›΅.
Having some fun with our new friends ( ε—¨- Hi!!).

Day 3, Wednesday 29/11/17

In the Town Hall discovering Vila Verde🌿.
Always ready for a big family photo πŸ“·.
Back at school learning Spanish and Romanian πŸ“š.
This is us in 2030 πŸ“….
Breathtaking view don't you think?
Well, this is Bom Jesus πŸ’’.

Day 4, Thursday 30/11/17

Learning Polish.
Making a really cool motivation video.
Almost ready fot cannoeing.
Here we go.
One more activity...
Yap let's move.

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