Self-Designed Exhibit #2 Stretching

Objective: To determine whether or not morning stretching helps alleviate daytime body tension.


A few years ago, I had this terrible pain in my back that basically had my neck paralyzed. I did not know what I did to myself to make my neck do what it did. Excruciating pain does not even begin to describe what the feeling was like. After extensive research, I have unofficially diagnosed myself with a pinched nerve in my neck. Periodically the feeling comes back and I have found that massaging the area helps to relieve some of the pressure and pain that I feel. When that does not work, though, I try new things.


During my first semester at Clemson, I was enrolled in a Core Stability Training class. We learned all kinds of exercises that not only targeted out core, but our whole body as well. The key to exercise - as I came to find out - is stretching. In taking the course I learned basic stretches and decided to incorporate them into my morning routine to see if they would help alleviate tension I feel in my neck and back during the day.

All of these stretches can be found in this video:

Results & Reflection

Looking back, the results of these stretches "have their days". Some days, after stretching, I feel like I am on top of the world. Other days, I feel as though there is no way to get the pain out of my body. I may just be a special breed of human where this type of exercise may or may not affect me. I still recommend that we all stretch in the morning just because it's exercise and exercise is good for you!

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