ABC's of Africa Bawi khin Hmung

A is for Africa!

Africa is the second largest continent in the world and is located South of Europe

Africa was once part of the large super continent called Pangaea that shaped the current landscape of the Earth.

B is for Belgium!

Belgium is one of the countries that colonized Africa.

Belgium shares a land border with 4 countries including France, Germany, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.

C is for Cocoa!

Cocoa is grown in Ghana and used to make chocolate.

It takes up to 5 years for a cocoa tree to produce its first seed pod.

D is for Dutch

The Dutch helped colonize Africa.

Netherlands is the healthiest country in the world for diet.

E is for Ethiopian Highlands

The Ethiopian Highlands is located exactly at 12.5333° N, 41.3856° E.

The Ethiopian Highlands began to rise 75 million years ago.

F is for France!

France is another one of the countries that colonized Africa.

More than 66.7 million people live in France.

G is for the Ghana Empire!

The Ghana Empire was located in West Africa in what is today the countries of Mauritania, Senegal, and Mali.

Ancient Ghana ruled from around 300 to 1100 CE.

H is for HIV

Over 25 million people in Africa are HIV- positive.

Only 5 out of 10 million HIV-positive patients received treatment .

I is for Islam

Islam is one of the fastest growing religion in the world.

There are five pillars of practice in Islam.

J is for Johannesburg!

Johannesburg is South Africa's largest city.

Johannesburg has been rebuilt four times.

K is for Kilimanjaro!

Mount Kilimanjaro is the tallest mountain in Africa.

Kilimanjaro has three volcanic cones, Mawenzi, Shira and Kibo.

L is for Luigi Di Savoia

Mount Luigi Di Savoia is a mountain range in the Rwenzori Mountains in Uganda.

It's highest peak is the sella peak.

M is for Mali!

A ruler named Sundiata Keita formed the empire of Mali.

Mali grew along the Niger River and eventually spread across 1200 miles from Gao to the atlantic Ocean.

M is for Mali Empire

O is for Ouanoukrim

Ouanoukrim is a mountain in Morocco located south of Marrakesh.

It has two summits, Timiguida and Ras Ouanoukrim.

P is for Poro

Poro is a men's secret society in Sierrra Leone, Liberia, Guinea, and Ivory Coast.

It's referred to as a hunting society and only males are admitted.

Q is for Quran!

The Holy Quran has 30 parts.

It has 114 surahs (Chapters)

R is for Richard-Molard

Mount Richard Molard is a mountain along the border of Cote d'Ivorre and Guinea.

The mountain is rich in iron ore and colbalt.

S is for Songhai Empire

Songhai is located in W Africa south of Sahara and along the Niger River.

The Songhai ruler based at the rival city of Gao or Kawkaw was the most powerful man in West Africa in the ninth century.

T is for Table Mountain!

Table Mountain is a flat topped mountain overlooking Cape town.

The highest point of Table Mountain is 1,086 meters.

U is for Unkulunkulu!

Unkulunkulu is the supreme creator in the language of the Zulu people.

Unkulunkulu means the old, old one.

V is for Victoria Falls

Every minute, over 5 million cubic meters of water pour over the falls during the wet seasons.

The falls are known as one of the seven Natural Wonders of the World.

W is for Water!

There is the same amount of water on Earth as there was when the Earth was formed.

Water is composed of two elements, Hydrogen and Oxygen. 2 Hydrogen + 1 Oxygen = H20.

X is for Xhosa!

Xhosa people are Bantu ethic group of Southern Africa.

Xhosa are the second largest cultural group in South Africa.

Y is for Yao!

The Yao people are major Bantu ethnic and linguisti group.

The Yao use the slash and burn techniques.

Z is for Zulu

The Zulu people are the largest ethnic group in South Africa.

Zulu took on the British empire only armed with spears but still won


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