4A25 Christian Pierce

I am a Bob Stone and I came from Russia and I am in the Football hall of fame. When I first step on the boat it was smelly and kinda big on the first floor, but on the last floor it was very small with a lot of sick people on it and since I have ebola I have to be on the bottom floor . My family and I were separated well it was just my mom, sister and me, my dad died of cancer when I was seven. On that very day it was a beautiful . We had to sleep on small beds and it was very hard and uncomfortable. When we woke up it was very icky. My step brother is Jeff bobbob my other step brother is Henry redding. My dad has 15 wives my mother was the 10 wife. That is why they got divorced. A few years later we finally docked and we were at the statue of liberty. It was beautiful. I moved in with my step brother and I got drafted to the New York Giants.

  1. The Statue of Liberty was a gift from France
  2. The statue was model after Libertas
  3. The crown has seven rays
  4. The tablet represents a symbol
  • I liked when we saw all the cool pictures and videos
  • I also liked listening to the people talk about it
  • I also liked when we went through the stops

Sources: Ellis Island Interactive Tour, Brain Pop Jr Statue of Liberty, Google images


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