The Divine a Magic play at the Constants Theater

The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt

The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt is a fable about a great actress and a innocent man who started to become aware of the inequities of their time. The play was an unmemorable experience provided by faculty and students of University of Florida. I will describe my experiences and what I have acquired after the event.

When I entered the building I felt I was going to an important event, I felt like a cultured person that prefers going to a play on a Friday night than being in a party. I sat behind by the left side, this affected the way a saw the performers. I would have liked to sat infant to see better the expressions of the actors. When the lights dim down I felt exited and a little nervous since I did not know what was the play going to be about. The size of the auditorium was really big, I have attended other plays, but they were smaller and in a bigger auditorium you feel that you are part of something big too. The role of place in the good life is that no matter where you are, the experience depends on how you decide to look at things. You have to be able to take out the best of any situation.

I attended the performance alone. I met the person next to me and we talked about our majors and about the performance. I sat down and simply relax until the performance started. It is good to share experiences throughout our lives, specially with our loved ones. The good life is about experiences and how we handle those experiences. By experiencing, we become wiser and we know how to make different decisions in the future. By telling others about our the things we have done we connect to others.

The central issue that was addressed in the performance is injustice and oppression and religious dogma. It describes how privileged people do not know what others have to face to provide the things they want. Before going to the performance I did not know what was it going to be about, so I payed closed attention from the beginning. The way it has helped me to understand our culture is that many people do not care about where things come from, who was exploited in the process, how many lives had to suffer, how much pollution did it create. The play depicts people that work hard, in which child labor and other types of abuses happened in a factory. This made me realize how selfish and materialistic we are, and if we do not change the way we consume we are going to end up destroying the planet and making it more unjust than ever. In my own live we I have been part of the materialistic society, but I am trying to change with my major( environmental engineering), with better decisions when buyings things, and with my actions to not be part of the oppression and the injustice.

The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt, provides us katharsis by showing us many aspects of our culture that are wrong and by looking into the performers we see our ourselves. The theater is similar to a mirror, we become aware of things that we have never thought about when we see a play. This play gave me an opportunity to examine how religion can be irrelevant, because no matter how much we preach, what is important is our actions and deeds; also, the fact that I want to be more careful with the things I consume, I do not want any injustice in the process. I will become clean by doing so!

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