Jay's Barbershop Since 1925

Jay’s Barbershop is at 1579 Maple Ave. in Evanston and has been there since 1925. It’s long-lasting because the owner (who doesn’t work there) keeps it a friendly “family-type” business.

Jay Rogosich started there 52 years ago after he graduated from barber school. Rogosich passed away in July 2011 at 64. The city honored Rogosich with a street sign in August to recognize his efforts in helping people to look their best for 46 years.

After that, his wife Janet Rogosich took over.

Victor Ciura, a barber at Jay's Barbershop talks to a customer passing by, just like saying hello to a friend.

Ciura has been there for 29 years. He is helping the customer do his haircut.

Rogosich says she wants to keep the barbershop in a simple way, just as it was when her husband owned it. The price hasn’t changed for 30 years.

A barber shows the old price list. The barbershop provides different kinds of services before, but it only offers haircut now because the owner wants to keep it simple.

The barbershop is cash only.

"I did not realize until after, and he refused to accept my phone as collateral. Walked to an ATM and came back five minutes later. Couldn’t have been nicer about it,” said a customer named Peter Horner.

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