a little bit about yours truly

I've worked as an actor, a stuntman, a director, a choreographer, a writer, a show creator and developer and a producer on so many plays, movies, television shows, live shows and theatrical events ... that, I honestly, think ... I've lost count.

To me Directing is all about the story ... the big and small and how it all fits together.

I started writing for the stage and studying theatre in high school with their award winning theater program and acting troupe The Marion Players. With The Marion Players I wrote and directed my first full length play (that, according to my old professor is still talked about today) and I carved out my own niche as the entertainment director of school’s closed circuit television station, Wolf TV, where we produced several shorts for its weekly entertainment section.

Basically, I feel in love with directing and acting and have been doing it ever since.

Then, it was off to a conservatory college at North Western State University of Louisiana where I received a degree in Theatrical Performance and Directing. And, by my senior year I was teaching playwriting, directing my own projects and, somehow I had become the theatre's leading man.

While in Orlando, Florida, I worked as a leading man in several of the top live action stunt shows at Disney and Universal Studios. I also performed as an leading actor in several award nominated plays at the Orlando International Fringe Festival. The next thing I know I'm working with Disney and Seaworld as a director and show developer for their in-park entertainment and special events groups with my company Mayhem Productions. It's humbling to think that my work has been seen by people from around the world.

From Orlando I was off to Los Angeles where my production company Mayhem Productions continued to create and develop projects. And, eventually I ended up back in New Orleans. Where I've had the opportunity to work full time as an actor and director and writer in the world of Film and Television. Bronx SIU and Jake's Road are the producers of hard work and awn over active imagination.

In short ... I just love this business and can't wait to create to the next project and put it out into the world.

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