My Nathan, Not Yours Teacher Showcase--Laura Hubbard

This series of prints is a highly personal work that combines a variety of media , approaches and techniques to create a reflection on my son’s recent educational journey. Color, text, postive/negative space, and contrast were used to create three images that should resonate with the viewer. The central component of the three artworks is images of my son Nathan who is five years old. I selected three pictures that I feel capture different aspects of his personality.

Print 1- This is where my journey with packing tape transfers began! I was experimenting with the technique and decided to use some pages from my son's educational evaluation as a background. My series took off from there.
Print 2- I think this image captures my son's quiet contemplative demeanor. In this photo he is seated on a train looking out the window. If you look closely you can see his reflection in the window.
Print 3- This print captures a side of my son that is sometimes hard to see. To outsiders, Nathan is very shy and quiet. He sometimes comes off as stand-offish to people he doesn't know. The true Nathan is playful, loving, and full of smiles!

My hope for this series was for people to think about the whole person. A child is not a collection of data, a reflection of tests, or a set of statistics. Each child should not be defined by their weaknesses, but celebrated for the things that make them unique!

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