Light Up The Night By The Protomen

Act II: The Father Of Death

2009 | Rock

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"There is a city that this darkness can't hide. -- There are the embers of a fire that's gone out, but I can still feel the heat on my skin. -- This mess we're in, well you and I, maybe you and I, We can light up the night."


  • Light Up The Night was featured in the video game Rock Band 4.
  • The album follows the tale of Dr Thomas Light and Dr Wily who create an army of robot laborers.
  • Both today's and yesterdays songs were featured in the show Video Game Highschool.


Luke Tatum

This song takes place immediately after "Keep Quiet," featured previously. In this song, the hero of the prior track conspires with the exiled Thomas Light to attack the heart of the state, and destroy its propagandistic control of the people. "A beacon of light from a burning screen," is a call to find hope in sacrificing the state-controlled news. It's a freedom that can spread like wildfire, especially in a heavily-controlled environment (think: North Korea). Speaking personally, I haven't had a cable or satellite TV conneciton in about a decade, and I don't miss it. "We've got to turn it off. Flip a switch. And light up the night!"

Sherry Voluntary

"I believe that there lies within each individual a desire for freedom and free expression at birth. An ember that if given the proper tools will grow into a flame. For many people that small ember is extinguished as they grow by a combination of things. Authoritarian parents, public school indoctrination, and twisting of religion are prominent examples. These people after having that little fire squelched go through their daily lives as what Bukowski called “assassinated men.” Men without voices, with manufactured reactions and high school ideas. Men and women who from birth were thrown into “the masher.” Then there are those who resist. Those who continue to question why, and refuse to let that little spark go out. Those who reignite that their minds to seek the truth, to seek freedom of mind and body. People like you and I who have been feeding that fire within us and seeking truth have a tremendous opportunity to help those who are ready to wake up from the slumber of indoctrination. We also have the joy to stand with one another, to feel the warmth of the light together, to build a community that draws those seekers to us. We can build a fire that will light up the dark and provided a refuge to those like us who desire to live free, peaceful, and prosperous lives. We can bring back the light for those who are looking for it.

“There is a city that this darkness can't hide. There are the embers of a fire that's gone out, But I can still feel the heat on my skin. This mess we're in, well you and I, maybe you and I, We can light up the night.”

“There is a city that this darkness can't hide. There is a fire that will burn through the streets of the city, and we will stand in the light. We will stand in the light, you and I. You and I. We can bring back the light."

Nicky P

I recommend cranking this song as loud as you can and pretend that you're John Cusack or Mathew Broderick starring in a 1980's adventure where you're the hero trying to save humanity from itself. A world where we've given away all control of our own lives to the state for the illusion of safety. A safety that as i mentioned yesterday comes at the expense of a different fear. As we go deeper in this project I can't help but feel like there is something hopeful that this song echoes. While i watch the news and te NPCs around me I sometimes feel as though all hope is lost. There are other times when I see a glimmer of hope. Some semblance of a desire to be free is inside us and if we could unlock that in those around us perhaps we could turn the tide. It was much easier to take a full on collapsitarian outlook back before i had a daughter. Now I'll cling to any hope I can find, no matter how dim that flame may be.

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Nicky P

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